Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Week 77


Hello Family,

It is so crazy and sad, I am coming home in 2 weeks.  My mission has gone by sooo fast. I can't even believe it! I really have loved being a full-time missionary. I will never stop being a missionary. I will always share the gospel and live the gospel. I have seen the gospel change so many lives here in my mission. But, I have also seen it change my own life. I have a stronger testimony of the gospel. It is really burning with the truth of the restoration of the gospel, the Atonement, and the 5 principles and ordinances of the gospel that we need to do in order to be saved and happy. I love this gospel. I know that we can see and feel our lives evolve into who God wants us to be, through living the gospel.

Have faith in living the gospel. Have faith that you can change and become happier through living the gospel. Just try it. I am just so blessed to see it everyday. People who have little or great faith in Christ, who apply the gospel, become happier. The gospel is so true!

Well this week has been really good. Sister Buban and I are really striving to do our best everyday.  I always feel bad for the people who we tract to...every night at 8:59.., who are sometimes already going to bed. Oh man, but someday, they will appreciate it. :) I have learned a lot from sister Buban. She is a great missionary, and has really been a great help for me. 

Oh man, there is one of our investigators who we had him read 2nd Nephi 31. We came back yesterday and he said, "I learned a lot from my order to be saved, I need to be baptized." We extended him a baptismal date, and he said he will talk with his kids (who are away from home) so they can be baptized as a family. Wow, he understands that the gospel is a family affair. It really is. 

I love the gospel and I love to share it everyday!

Love Sister Coleman

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