Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Week 63


Ano ba iyan??  It's week 60 already!

Man, so this week has been pretty good. We did some service for a few days in the morning, but we have been able to get back to normal work again. :)  I absolutely love being a missionary!  It's the most rewarding and happy job ever!  I invite us all to take our role's as missionaries, (because we are all missionaries as members) and share the happiness we have.  I know that as we do our family History, give referrals to the missionaries, work with the missionaries, even if like 1 lesson lang; and feed the missionaries, we can all feel of the joy of missionary work. :)

Yesterday was a crazy/good day, we had a special district conference (a step down from a stake...) and they re-organized the district presidency.  As they spoke, I was thinking about how blessed people are as they stay true to the gospel.  As they stay active in the church and gospel, even when things get really hard.  I will always stay true to our Father in Heaven by keeping His commandments and by staying active in the Church and gospel.  I am so blessed to have parents who do love the Lord and put Him first.  I have been so blessed to be born into the family that I am in.  I feel like the Stripling warriors do, "I do not doubt, because my parents know it" the gospel.  Mom and Dad, I love you so very much!

Anyways, the reason why the day was crazy, because we got home from the conference, and then studied, and then went and taught one awesome lesson, and then ate dinner, then went back to the district center and watched the First Presidency devotional.  Oh my goodness, the devotional was so beautiful!  I was so touched by the stories and talks.  I do agree with Elder Maynes (thats his name, right?) That the Christmas story is a family story.  The gospel is so much for families!  I know that if we live the gospel and develop Christlike attributes, we can really have happy and Joyful families. :)

I know that the gospel is true.  I know Heavenly Father loves us and wants us to return to His presence and experience HIS joy, so He sent His son.  I am so grateful for the Atonement.  It is real and I know that Christ loves us and He lives for us.

I love you all! LOve, Sister Coleman

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