Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Week 59


Hello Everyone,

How are you all? Sorry I didn't write anything last we know, "A picture's worth a thousand words.." so technically I wrote a LOT last week. ;)  Well, the works is great! I love being a missionary, and serving the Lord. There is so work that is more important, except for "in our own homes."  We were able to meet this family last week/the week before, So we decided to look for this old Less Active Lady, that we had never met before.  Well, her name just stood out randomly , so we went and looked for her.  We went to the house, and this couple came out and we asked them about the LA.  They said she had died...last December.  The man was the child of the Less Active.  We had a wonderful opportunity to be able to talk with them about God's plan for families.  That plan is that through living the gospel, we can become forever with our families.  We were able to set up a time to return. 

The first lesson was great, and they said they would come to church the next day. They came! :)  We were actually kind of surprised.  They came and felt the spirit.  Well we had another lesson with the, with the best fellow shipper couple. :)  It was an awesome lesson!  The spirit was so strong and I know that everyone in that lesson felt the spirit.  I love sharing the gospel! Well, this couple is doing well.  We are really working with them! :)  

Okay, so the cool thing about this is that if we had looked for the dead LA a week or 1 month earlier...we might not have found this couple.  They also realize this. The sister was saying that she know's there is a purpose for us finding them.. They are so great, and have beautiful faith!

Well, we shall see what happens on Saturday night.  We know who will be transferring! ;/  I think I probably will, but we shall see!  Sorry I never have great stories! OKay,. here's a funny-ish one. (At least to Sister Wilkinson and me.)  So we're praying before we went out of our house. It was S. Wilkinsons turn.  She was like, "Please bless us with the Gift of Tongues, and help us understand the peoples 'pusa.'" OKay, so PUSA is CAT. PUSO is HEART. Haha!  She got it mixed up. She asked for the gift of tongues to understand peoples cats...instead of their hearts.  It was a really funny experience! 

Well, I love you all!  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We're gonna have a great Thanksgiving here! :)  I am so thankful for everything in my life, most of all the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I am so thankful we have THE way to return to Heavenly Father, with our families. :)

Love Sister Coleman

Wow, here's some pics for ya'll!

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