Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Week 67


So this week was great!  We were able to work hard and teach a lot.  We has a very happy week!  Transfers are tomorrow, but sister Sanchez and I are still together.  So, I will be her last companion.  She will be my 2nd to last companion.  Thats crazy!  Sister Sanchez is great, and is a wonderful teacher. She know's and understands the gospel.  I am glad we have one more transfer to work even harder. :)

Okay, so we were able to teach this man yesterday that is so prepared.  Okay, so the first time I saw him was at the Christmas party of the branch.  It had been raining, so he came into the church to dry off. Then, he came to church the next sunday. So I talked with him, and we found out that he lives in our area, and that he was taught by the missionaries a long time ago.  We weren't able to meet with him that Sunday, pero yesterday he came to church and we were able to teach him.  He feels he has no direction in His life.  He has never been married, and his parents are gone, and his siblings are so far.  He has no one.  But, we testified that he does has someone, the Savior and our Heavenly Father.  We were able to extend a baptismal date for February.  I know there was a reason that it rained that one night, and the church was open, so he could come in and find where he belongs.

I am so grateful for the gospel.  We know who we are, and what we can become through the gospel.  I know if we want direction in our lives, the place to turn is the gospel.  

Well, I love you all so much!  Thank you for all you do for me!  Love Sister Coleman

P.S. The picture of me, with the egg, is BALUT. So I have eaten balut 3 times now on my mission.  It's not too, bad.  It was interesting to be eating the sisu.  The little duck. haha!  Well, I love ya all!


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