Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Week 65


Hi Everyone!

Maligayang pasko! Maganda talaga ang pasko ko dito sa Pilipinas. Mababait ung mga tao dito.  Masarap talaga ang pagkain dito, at ang ganda ganda ng Panahon. (Merry Christmas! My Christmas was really good here in the Philippines. The people here are nice. The food is so good, and the weather was sooooo soooo great!)  It was super nice to be able to talk with my family on Christmas.  It was so nice to talk with everyone, even though we are all in different parts of the world.  We are in 4 different continents.  It's so awesome and such a blessing.  I am grateful for technology for that reason.  I love my family soooo much!  I am so happy that you are all faithful members of the church, and active in the gospel.  That is what brings true happiness. I love you all!

Well, I have learned so much from the people here.  They are so Christlike.  They really have the spirit of Christmas in them everyday.  I want to become more like them.  They are humble and meek.. I love these people and I know that they are so important to Heavenly Father.  

On Christmas, we went to our branch Presidents house.  They fed us some delicious food, and we played a game that Dad sent me.  It's this game that you like slap the cards and it's like a favorite one to me. You know how I love those "slapping" games. haha!  Thank you all for your packages and letters, and emails.  I love you all. 

So 2 of our investigators came to church yesterday.  They are so great. Hopefully at least one of them will get baptized in January or February.  I love being a missionary and teaching these humble people.  Oh just earlier today, we were on a jeepney and I started talking to this old nanay. Anyways, she was so nice and invited us to go to her house.  Also, she said she was sooo sad. She has no family here, and her husband died in August.  I told her that we can really find happiness and peace in the gospel.  She is so awesome and is excited for us to go over.  Also, I invited her to church.  She said she will come.  WHAT??  Thats so awesome.  We haven't even taught her, and she committed to go to church. She seems so great! :)  

I hope you all have a wonderful new year.  I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is True.  It was restored through Joseph Smith.  I know we have the Authority of God on earth, to bind families forever.  I know we have the fulness of the gospel through the Book of Mormon.  If we ever feel like our testimony is weak, let us follow the action done by one of my Recent Converts. She said that she read the testimony of Joseph Smith, and she felt her testimony grow about the gospel.  I know that as we study the BOM everyday, we will know what to do. 

I love you all! Love Sister Coleman

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