Sunday, September 21, 2014

Week 49

Honestly I have no idea what week it is...I guess thats not super importante anyways. haha!  Well, Kumusta kayo??  I am doing great here in the Philippines! I have been blessed to be able to be the first companion of sister Wilkinson from Payson Utah!  She is so awesome! She is really fast in picking up Tagalog and the things we do as missionaries.  I've got it so easy. She's prepared!  She is very obedient and is ready and excited to serve the Lord!  I have learned so much from her.  Today she just did this simple act of service that really made me smile and feel that she loved me.  She cleaned/washed my rubber shoes.  Okay, so translating that to a mission in the US it would be shining shoes. haha!  She's so great though, and I do love her!  We have had a lot of fun already!

I said goodbye to my trainer, sister Siola'a on Tuesday. :( It was sad.  I am so grateful for her and her example to me!  She is a very hard worker and loves the people she serves!  I learned so much from her!  I hope that I can serve and love my trainee just as much or more, than my trainer did to me!

Well, our investigators are doing well.  We taught the Torres family last night about tithing.  They already wanted to pay it earlier at church.  Anyways, they are so accepting to the gospel.  They told us that they are so excited to learn more about the gospel, and the things that we do in church!  THey are really prepared!

Well, I need to go now.  I am sorry I don't have a picture...walang oras!! (No time) next week na lang. :)

I love you all!  Thank you for your support and love for me!  I am praying for you all!

Love Sister Coleman

Week 48

Oh man, this week has been pretty good.  It's been full of, "Well goodbye, because I think I will transfer..." haha! So we all thought I would be transferring, pero we got the announcement and it said that I was training! Ano ba iyan!!  Well, I am really happy to be able to train!  I will probably be the one getting trained though, so I am excited for that! :)  I will be in Ligao, my 2/3rd area for 9 months!  Wow, so long!  I love it here though, in Ligao! I am so excited to be able to work in this area with my new companion from the MTC and help this area come more unto Christ!

Well, the people are doing well.  We are really trying to find new people, who are prepared for the gospel!  Please pray for us, and especially the people here, that they will be prepared! I love sharing the gospel and inviting others to come unto Christ!  This work is really the Lord's and I need to give the best to Him!

Well, I love you all!

Have a great day!

Love Sister Coleman

Week 47

Hello everyone!

This week was great!  We had zone conference on Tuesday.  I learned a lot, and I am excited to continue applying it to the work we do as missionaries.  Okay, so the BOM is soooo important! One of our Less active members, always reads the bible.  The bible is true and "is the word of God, as far as it is translated correctly, but we also believe the Book of Mormon to be the Word of God.,"  It says in PMG that we need to do all, so that our investigators and Less actives read and understand the BOM.  We have been trying to help him read the BOM, but the Bible is the only thing he reads.  Well, we were teaching and I was testifying about the BOM, and then the thought of what President Hinckley said, that we need to read the BOM everyday, came into my head.  I said that, and then Tatay said, "I will read the BOM, it is  very important and the Word of God."  We also invited him to read them together to understand more.  When we came back, he had read!  YAY!  I am so happpy that he has been reading the BOM!

The Book of Mormon is the Word of God, and is true!  The Book of Mormon contains the fulness of the everlasting g gospel. The gospel is God's plab for us, to return back to Him, and be happy!  If we want that, we need to study the BOM every day!!

Well, I am excited for this week and to really strive even more, to do my best as a missionary.  I might be transferred next week.  We'll see.  I love this area and I have grown to really love the people and more, the work of Salvation!

I love you all!  I am praying for you all!

Love Sister Coleman

Week 46

Hello tabi Sa indong Gabos, (Hello to all of Bicol)

This week has been good!  The gospel really changes people's hearts and lives!  I love it!!  Yesterday, this 19 year old guy and his little sister came to church for the first time.  So after the bagyo, we helped them with their house and then a few weeks later, they just came to church out of their own desire. :)  We were able teach them later that day and they are awesome!  They loved and enjoyed church a lot, and said they will continue to come. :)  They are new investigators!  After the lesson they let us taste...cobra!  Yes, Sister Coleman has officially eaten ahas (snake!)!  It was actually really good!  I would eat it again with no problem! :)

Also we had a lesson on Tuesday with the Torres family.  Brother relapsed and drank a little bit of alcohol.  Well, we ended up having a beautiful lesson. The spirit was there.  We taught him, not a lesson. :)  We went back yesterday and he hasn't drank or anything since last Tuesday!  The atonement is real, prayer is real, the gospel is true!!  Ah I just love the gospel so much!!  I love the Torres family, and I have learned so much from them!

We went to out investigator, sister Rena's house this morning and had a delicious lunch that the rice was laid on Banana leaves.  I'll try and send pics next week!  Well, we went and say a small water fall by her house, and then we just saw a gorgeous view!  Ah I love the Philippines!  There is not a better place in the world, besides the temple! :)

I love you all!  HAve a wonderful day!

Love, Sister Coleman

Week 45

This week has been great!  We have been working hard and helping our investigators progress.  We have 5-6 people who will probably be getting baptized in September!  We have been were able to find and teach them, and they are all progressing!  I am learning so much from them!  All of our investigators with a Baptism date, except for one, came to church kahapon.  They are so awesome, and prepared.  

Through out this week, I have been trying to catch the vision!  I think it is really doing all I can, and working as if Jesus was my companion.  What would He do?  How would He work and serve?? How would He act?  How was He during His mission??  I am really striving to always be worthy of the Spirit and working as if Jesus is really my companion.  I hope that we will all take that into consideration!  I hope that we will all really become the companion that Jesus would be.  

Okay, so the Torres family came to Church for the 3rd time yesterday!  They are soooo astig!  They are really set for being baptized.  Rena cinco also came to church for the 3rd time.  I really hope that her husband will be okay with getting married in the church, so she can get baptized.  She is so ready to be baptized and really understands and lives the gospel.  She is so much better than I am!

Well, I have had a great week!  I love serving the Lord full Time!  I think to myself sometimes, "Am I really serving a 'Full-time' mission, or am I only serving part time?"  I am really striving to give ALL of my time, heart, might, mind and strength to God!  I love this work!  It is  true, and I refuse to ever stop!

I love you all!
Love. Sister Coleman

Week 44

Hello Everyone!

First of all, happy 7th anniversary to Daniel and Stephanie!  You are such an adorable couple and family! Keep loving God and each other! :)  Well, this week has been great!  We worked hard and found 2 new investigators.  One is a lady that we have been trying to teach, but she's been busy.  Then we went on Sabado and she invited us right in, and we were able to teach her.  She felt the spirit. I did too talaga!  I love seeing people that are feeling the spirit!  

We had exchanges on Saturday! I learned so much!  The sister I went with, Sister Simonson, is a PMG missionary!  Holy Cow, as we taught and found, I have seen that she has applied the things in PMG all of our trainings.  She's great!  I want to really become a PMG missionary and really fulfill my purpose as a missionary.  

The Torres family came to church again! They are sooo awesome!  I love teaching them!  they are so excited about their baptism date.  They always talk about it!  Tatay is soooo awesome!  He told us that before, he always drank and smoked.  When we started coming, he hasn't done it.  Talk about a miracle and change of heart!  I was soooo deeply touched by that!  This family is prepared!  They love coming to church, and when we come over.  They always read and pray.  I love them!

We had zone training this week.  It was great!  One thing that was said is to pray that we can see and love our comps and Jesus does.  I tried it, and I really did feel a great love for sister Kwong. I do love her, and we have a great companionship!  I am so blessed to have her as my comp!  We have so many spiritual, funny and strengthening experiences together.  About funny, real quick, we were walking with one of our Branch missionaries  Gergence, and all of the sudden these 2 bu\ig dogs come running out and barking at us.  We were all screaming and sister Kwong starts swinging her purse to keep them away.  Then Gergence is like, "Just stand still."  Anyways, we almost died! haha!  Jokes.  It was a funny, but scary experience! Ayaw ko ung mga aso!!

Well I love you all!  I do know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints is true, and is God's kingdom on Earth!  I love it!

Have a great day!

Love, Sister Coleman

Week 43

Hello Po,

Sorry if the week is wrong, I honestly have no Idea!! I just know that the precious time is just flying so fast!  Holy cow, I can't believe I only have like 8 months left! :(  There are many tears with that frowny face!  I love being a missionary!  I have never ever been happier and closer to the Lord!  

This week has been great!  We have done some service projects and also have had great teaching opportunities!  Oh my goodness, so we had a lesson with one of our Less actives about missionary least it was a lesson that led to missionary work.  Anyways, we asked her of she knew anyone who was prepared for the gospel. At first she said she didn't know anyone.  Then we talked and testified a little more, and I can't remember anything we said.  Anyways, right after, she was like, "I actually do know someone, Sister Torres who was taught by the missionaries a long time ago, and almost was baptized, but wasn't because her husband didn't want her to at all.  We were just talking about it the other day, and also she has a BOM.  But I don't know about her husband, because he really didn't want her to get baptized before."  So we were told her that this could really be the right time for her, or for both of them.  She was kind of hesitant still...I guess he really didn't like the church before.  Anyways, we contacted them as soon as we could, the next day.  They, Brother and Sister Torres kindly and excitingly invited us in.  We set up an appointment and stuff and we now have been able to teach them and invite them to baptism.  Their goal date is September 13th!  

This family is prepared, they came to church and loved it. Brother loves the Elders Quorum class, and sister loved Relief Society.  Their grandchild loved primary!  This is such a blessing!  PLease pray for this family!!

We have another investigator, Sister Rena!  She is beyond prepared!  She has come to church twice, has a baptism date for August 30th, and really keeps her commitments.  She is prepared, and ready to live the gospel!  We taught her the W.O.W and she has pretty much already lives it!  She only sometimes drinks coffee, but said she won't do it again.  She really wants o become clean and repent, and follow Christ's example and gospel.  She has such a strong and beautiful testimony!  I love teaching her, and I learn so much from her!

Well, I love the work and I invite all of you to share the gospel in anyway possible, because the gospel is the ONLY way!!!  Only way home to our Loving Heavenly Father!  I love the gospel and I know it is true, without a doubt!  

LOve, Sister Coleman

Week 41 and 42

Hi Family,

so we had a typhoon 2 weeks ago, and have been living without electricity for 2 weeks too.  It's been interesting and fun!  These people are amazing!  The day after the typhoon, they were outside early re-building their homes, cleaning all the debree!  They are so amazing.  I love how hopeful, faithful, loving, hardworking, and selfless these people are.  I have soooo much to learn from them!  Well, we haven't been focusing on teaching so much, but instead, serving people.  We have been  working in our area and serving.  We've done laundry, chopped trees, and cleaned a lot!  I am so  grateful for all the opportunities we have had to find and even teach.  I love the gospel, it's service spiritually and physically!

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful week!  Happy birthday John and Charles (the 23rd!).  I love all of you!

Kita kits! Sister Coleman