Sunday, September 21, 2014

Week 46

Hello tabi Sa indong Gabos, (Hello to all of Bicol)

This week has been good!  The gospel really changes people's hearts and lives!  I love it!!  Yesterday, this 19 year old guy and his little sister came to church for the first time.  So after the bagyo, we helped them with their house and then a few weeks later, they just came to church out of their own desire. :)  We were able teach them later that day and they are awesome!  They loved and enjoyed church a lot, and said they will continue to come. :)  They are new investigators!  After the lesson they let us taste...cobra!  Yes, Sister Coleman has officially eaten ahas (snake!)!  It was actually really good!  I would eat it again with no problem! :)

Also we had a lesson on Tuesday with the Torres family.  Brother relapsed and drank a little bit of alcohol.  Well, we ended up having a beautiful lesson. The spirit was there.  We taught him, not a lesson. :)  We went back yesterday and he hasn't drank or anything since last Tuesday!  The atonement is real, prayer is real, the gospel is true!!  Ah I just love the gospel so much!!  I love the Torres family, and I have learned so much from them!

We went to out investigator, sister Rena's house this morning and had a delicious lunch that the rice was laid on Banana leaves.  I'll try and send pics next week!  Well, we went and say a small water fall by her house, and then we just saw a gorgeous view!  Ah I love the Philippines!  There is not a better place in the world, besides the temple! :)

I love you all!  HAve a wonderful day!

Love, Sister Coleman

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