Sunday, September 21, 2014

Week 43

Hello Po,

Sorry if the week is wrong, I honestly have no Idea!! I just know that the precious time is just flying so fast!  Holy cow, I can't believe I only have like 8 months left! :(  There are many tears with that frowny face!  I love being a missionary!  I have never ever been happier and closer to the Lord!  

This week has been great!  We have done some service projects and also have had great teaching opportunities!  Oh my goodness, so we had a lesson with one of our Less actives about missionary least it was a lesson that led to missionary work.  Anyways, we asked her of she knew anyone who was prepared for the gospel. At first she said she didn't know anyone.  Then we talked and testified a little more, and I can't remember anything we said.  Anyways, right after, she was like, "I actually do know someone, Sister Torres who was taught by the missionaries a long time ago, and almost was baptized, but wasn't because her husband didn't want her to at all.  We were just talking about it the other day, and also she has a BOM.  But I don't know about her husband, because he really didn't want her to get baptized before."  So we were told her that this could really be the right time for her, or for both of them.  She was kind of hesitant still...I guess he really didn't like the church before.  Anyways, we contacted them as soon as we could, the next day.  They, Brother and Sister Torres kindly and excitingly invited us in.  We set up an appointment and stuff and we now have been able to teach them and invite them to baptism.  Their goal date is September 13th!  

This family is prepared, they came to church and loved it. Brother loves the Elders Quorum class, and sister loved Relief Society.  Their grandchild loved primary!  This is such a blessing!  PLease pray for this family!!

We have another investigator, Sister Rena!  She is beyond prepared!  She has come to church twice, has a baptism date for August 30th, and really keeps her commitments.  She is prepared, and ready to live the gospel!  We taught her the W.O.W and she has pretty much already lives it!  She only sometimes drinks coffee, but said she won't do it again.  She really wants o become clean and repent, and follow Christ's example and gospel.  She has such a strong and beautiful testimony!  I love teaching her, and I learn so much from her!

Well, I love the work and I invite all of you to share the gospel in anyway possible, because the gospel is the ONLY way!!!  Only way home to our Loving Heavenly Father!  I love the gospel and I know it is true, without a doubt!  

LOve, Sister Coleman

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