Sunday, September 21, 2014

Week 44

Hello Everyone!

First of all, happy 7th anniversary to Daniel and Stephanie!  You are such an adorable couple and family! Keep loving God and each other! :)  Well, this week has been great!  We worked hard and found 2 new investigators.  One is a lady that we have been trying to teach, but she's been busy.  Then we went on Sabado and she invited us right in, and we were able to teach her.  She felt the spirit. I did too talaga!  I love seeing people that are feeling the spirit!  

We had exchanges on Saturday! I learned so much!  The sister I went with, Sister Simonson, is a PMG missionary!  Holy Cow, as we taught and found, I have seen that she has applied the things in PMG all of our trainings.  She's great!  I want to really become a PMG missionary and really fulfill my purpose as a missionary.  

The Torres family came to church again! They are sooo awesome!  I love teaching them!  they are so excited about their baptism date.  They always talk about it!  Tatay is soooo awesome!  He told us that before, he always drank and smoked.  When we started coming, he hasn't done it.  Talk about a miracle and change of heart!  I was soooo deeply touched by that!  This family is prepared!  They love coming to church, and when we come over.  They always read and pray.  I love them!

We had zone training this week.  It was great!  One thing that was said is to pray that we can see and love our comps and Jesus does.  I tried it, and I really did feel a great love for sister Kwong. I do love her, and we have a great companionship!  I am so blessed to have her as my comp!  We have so many spiritual, funny and strengthening experiences together.  About funny, real quick, we were walking with one of our Branch missionaries  Gergence, and all of the sudden these 2 bu\ig dogs come running out and barking at us.  We were all screaming and sister Kwong starts swinging her purse to keep them away.  Then Gergence is like, "Just stand still."  Anyways, we almost died! haha!  Jokes.  It was a funny, but scary experience! Ayaw ko ung mga aso!!

Well I love you all!  I do know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints is true, and is God's kingdom on Earth!  I love it!

Have a great day!

Love, Sister Coleman

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