Sunday, September 21, 2014

Week 48

Oh man, this week has been pretty good.  It's been full of, "Well goodbye, because I think I will transfer..." haha! So we all thought I would be transferring, pero we got the announcement and it said that I was training! Ano ba iyan!!  Well, I am really happy to be able to train!  I will probably be the one getting trained though, so I am excited for that! :)  I will be in Ligao, my 2/3rd area for 9 months!  Wow, so long!  I love it here though, in Ligao! I am so excited to be able to work in this area with my new companion from the MTC and help this area come more unto Christ!

Well, the people are doing well.  We are really trying to find new people, who are prepared for the gospel!  Please pray for us, and especially the people here, that they will be prepared! I love sharing the gospel and inviting others to come unto Christ!  This work is really the Lord's and I need to give the best to Him!

Well, I love you all!

Have a great day!

Love Sister Coleman

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