Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Week Labing-Dalawa (12)

Hello family and Friends!!  Kumusta po kayo?

Well, this week was a great one!!  Wow, I can't think of anything we did.  We had Christmas and that was a lot of fun.  It was a little sad not being with you all, and doing our Christmas Traditions and stuff.  But, with the ward here, we had a Christmas Eve dinner with the Brizuela's and then on Christmas, we had dinner with the son of the Brizuela's.  It was a lot of fun!  We played uno...and I won, one game.  Man, it's been a while since I played that..and I'm telling you, I got a little, well like myself when I play games. (You all know how that is...right??  Okay, I wasn't too crazy! maybe...)  It was a lot of fun being with a family for Christmas.  I love the branch that I'm in!  

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So, our Christmas tree...well I made it on Christmas Eve while Sister Siola'a was in the shower or something.  I surprised her with the "Loveliest" tree ever!  Hopefully I can get a picture of it on the e-mail for you!  It was a fun and memorable 1st Christmas away from home!  The call with the family was so great on the day after Christmas, for me.  I enjoyed talking with you, hearing your voices and seeing your smiles. :) It made me really happy!  I hope all of your Christmas's were filled with love and peace.  We definitely had that here!  

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Let's see, as of last night we kind of have 4 people with baptisimal dates!  They are both sets of couples.  Let me tell you, thats such a blessing!  2 of the dates are that family, who had the date for the 28th of December, but now hopefully for the 25th of January.  The other couple is a wonderful couple.  They have the cutest kids.  I had a special experience last night as we were teaching them.  Okay, so the husband is sick right now, and who knows how long.  His Kidney is where he's sick, so it's really sad.  Last night was the first time we taught the sister, with Him.  I think their hearts are softening.  Well, we felt impressed to teach them about how the Gospel Blesses Families.  It was what they needed to hear.  When we invited them to baptism, they both, even the guy, shook his head.  I really hope that the spirit was able to touch their hearts.  While we were teaching I had the vision on them, as a family, all in white, in the temple, being sealed for all eternity.  It was sacred to me.  I know that the temple is real!  I know that families can be together forever, only in and through living the gospel, and being sealed in a temple of God.

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Well, our branch had a Christmas party that was so fun!  The sisters sang an arrangement of "Once there was a snowman," but we changed it to "Once there was a sister."  It was so fun, I'll try and send the lyrics next week...I forgot them.  We also sang "Called to Serve."  Wow, I totally felt the spirit!  I love missionary work!  So we had 2 or 3 in-active families come.  We also had 2 of our investigators come, with their families.  I think they were touched by the branch and the spirit that was there.  
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Well, I better go now.  I love all of you!  I know the Simbahan Ni JesuCristo is true!!  I love the Lord's work, and I love being a full-time missionary!  It's the best thing I can be doing in my life right now!  I hope you all can feel of the Saviors love, everyday.  Trust in God!  Put him FIRST!!!  I love you!
Love, Sister Coleman
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Week Labing-isa (11)

Hello Po!!

This week was so great!  We had pday, then on Tuesday all the trainers and trainees had a training meeting all day.  We got up and drove 45 minutes to Legazpi city, and then started the meeting at 10.  It was so fun to see and talk to them aftr a month of being in the field.  We're all a little different in a better way! :)  Well the training was great, and after we went to the Pacific Mall, and got Mcdonalds sundaes.  It was so delicious!  I miss getting those, every so often! haha!  The next day, we got up really early and then went to Legazpi again for the mission Christmas conference.  It was a lot of fun to see all of the 164 missionaries there!  I learned a lot and felt the spirit tons!!  

Inline image 2So after 2 or 3 days of not doing real missionary work, I was ready to get back in business!  I love Missionary work, and after 3 "Idle" days, I needed and wanted to do it even more!  I love teaching people about the gospel, and seeing people change and come unto Christ!  The atonement is real, and changes us!

So on Saturday, there was a baptism, and I got to play the piano.  I also got to sing a musical number with my companion and some other ladies in the branch.  As I was singing "I feel my Saviors love" I felt an overwhelming feeling of love for the people here.  I felt a little glimpse of the love that God has for them!  I am so grateful for that special moment that I had, that was from God.  It was amazing!  

So I was supposed to give a talk on Sunday, but the Branch President forgot to tell me that He was going to extend it to next week.  Well, I sat up on the stand for the whole sacrament meeting, so I looked pretty stupid.  It was funny though.  I did end up saying the closing prayer, so I was good for something! haha! ;)  

Oh, so an embarrassing moment... Sister Siola'a and I were walking down some stairs at the store, and we were laughing about something.  All of the sudden, well I was falling down the last few stairs, and the next thing I knew, I was laying on the floor, pretty much.  It was so funny!  We just laughed at what had just happened, and also, the reaction of the people who saw!  Oh, I love those funny crazy and embersing moments, that make life great! :)  
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Well, I want to wish you all a merry Christmas!  This Christmas season has been a little different for me.  I have really tried to focus on the real reason why Christ was born.  I am so grateful that He as born, so that we can have the Atonement.  As I have thought about it, "Sacrament songs" have become more like "Christmas" songs to me.  Those songs really explain the purpose Christ was born.  I love Jesus Christ.  I know that He lives and Loves each of us!  He is our only hope!!

I love you all!
Love, Johannah 

Monday, December 30, 2013

Week Sampu (10)

Kumusta Po Kayo??

This week has been pretty good.  It was kind of challenging because all of our investigators were so busy and/or were gone when we came to give them lessons.  It's sad that they are too busy to listen to the message of happiness!  I wish they, actually I wish we would ALL put God first!  We would all be much more happy, peaceful and successful, if we would put God first!!

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Okay so in my studies this week I was studying about conversion, and I found some characteristics of converted people, in true to the Faith. I love that book! Well, 1. They desire to do good, continually. (Mosiah 5:2, Alma 13:12) 2. They share the gospel (Mosiah 18:1; 27:32-37, Alma 10:1-12; 15:12) 3. They do not rebel against the Lord. (Alma 23:6-7) 4. They are filled with love. (4 Nephi 1:2, 15-17 Moroni 7:45).  So, strive to develop these simple traits, and you will be able to become more converted.  Also, to protect yourself from falling away, or heeding to Satan, here are some steps, also from True to the Faith. 1. Keep your covenants.  2. Obey the commandments! 3. Follow church leaders. 4. Partake of the Sacrament. 5. Constantly strengthen your testimony through: Daily Scripture study, Daily Prayer, and daily service.  
These are all very simple things!  Do them, become converted to the Gospel of our Savior!!  I love this Gospel so much!  I cant to become the daughter of God, He wants me to be, through the gospel!

Okay, so lets see...happy Birthday to Sarah and Nathan!!!  Also, happy anniversary to mom and dad!!  You are amazing parents, and wonderful examples!  I love you all!  So, random fact...sister Siola'a and I went to a place to use the bathroom...but when we saw that you had to pay 5 whole piso's for the "Services" we decided to hold it all in, and wait till we got home. Haha!  I am not going to pay 5 piso's for no toilet paper, and no toilet seat!  haha...
We made spaghetti this week!  Sobra masarap!  I love spaghetti!  We had some "Legazpi rolls" with it.  The weirdest thing happened this week, we came home, and I was about to wash my hands...but there was wala (no) water.  Yep, we had no water for almost 2 days.  Good thing we had lots of stored water. :)  Well, we have water now and I will tell you, I LOVE showers even if they're cold! 

Inline image 2
There's an inactive family here, I love them!  I feel like I can just speak Tagalog there, and they will just help me and be patient with me.  Well, we have a deal.  They will memorize the Articles of Faith in Ingles, and Sister Siola'a and I will memorize them in Tagalog.  I'm a little nervous, but I hope we can do it!  Pray for us!!!
Well, I love you all!  I know that the church is true!  I know that the gospel makes people happy!  I know that we are all Children of God.  He loves each and everyone of us!  The Atonement is for all!!  I love you all, and you are in my prayers! Love, Sister Coleman  


Monday, December 9, 2013

Week Shum (9)

Hello Everyone! Kumusta po kayo?

This week has been good.  We’ve had our really really good days, and
then we’ve had those other kind of days.  All in all, I love being
here on my mission!  I am supposed to be here!  I love missionary
work!  So lets see, what did I do this week that is new??  Well, I
went on exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders on Wednesday.  I
went with Sister Evans, she’s from New Zealand and is really nice, and
so good in Tagalog.  I learned a lot from her and I had a lot of fun
with her.  I was in her area, so I was again, completely lost like I
was the first day in my own area.  It was kind of funny. Man, I
remember the first day was like I was in Mars!  I didn’t know anyone
and didn’t understand anyone!  I’m just not gonna re-do that day. ;)
So they spent all of Wednesday with us, then they spent the night as
well, and left the next morning.  It was fun, and I will do it again
soon, well I think next transfer.

On Friday, we had zone training.  It was awesome!!  I took a picture
of my zone, but I forgot my SD card reader, and my cord for my camera.
 So, I only have 1 new picture that I took this week.  And, so I’ll
try and add some of the ones I couldn’t send before.  Sorry!  And, the
internet is super slow here, especially on my computer!  I had to
switch computers because it has taken like the 45 minutes, and my
e-mail is not even loaded yet!!  I hope next pday is better.

Okay, so I’ll stop complaining.  I’m sorry, yet again.  We’ve had some
really good experiences this past week.  We were teaching to a less
active lady, and she felt the spirit.  We both could tell, because she
was acting different, she was tearing up, and we both felt the spirit!
 I love the miracles that the spirit can bring.  I know that God
speaks to us through the spirit.  Always be doing, saying, thinking
and in tune with the spirit.  How sad is it when we miss out on
feeling the spirit because of the foolish things we do, see, think and
say.  I know that we have the ability to hear and feel the spirit, we
just need to be worthy for it.  Well, for experiences like that, when
I can see that someone can feel the spirit, that’s when missionary
work really pays off! 

So I think on Monday, we were trying to find an inactive guy.  We
walked up and down the street, but we had no luck.  Well, we finally
found the guy…well so we thought.  He had the right name and
everything.  Well we found out, after visiting with him for a while,
that he was very active catholic and not the man we were looking for.
It was funny.  We invited him to church anyways. So the family that I
talked about last week have a baptismal date for the 28th of this
month.  I hope and pray that they get baptized.  They really do
deserve it. :)

Well, I need to go now.  I love all of you tons!  I hope and pray all
is well with ya'll all the time. :)  Please keep me in your prayers.
I will try and send an attachment with pics. Somethings wrong with the
internet, because it's being super slow! :(
I know the church is true, and I know that if we LIVE it, not just go
through the actions, God will provide the rest for us.  I know we are
all Children of a loving and kind Father in Heaven!  I hope you all
have a wonderful week!
Love, Sister Johannah Coleman

P.S Here is my address that you can send anything to.  Sorry it's
taken me forever, I keep on forgetting!  Not today! Ha!
152 Rizal Street
Barangay Sagpon, Daraga
4501 Albay, Philippines

Week Walo (8)

HI family and friends! 

This week has been pretty good, but challenging at times.  But, whats life without challenges??  I been able to participate more in the lessons and talking to people.  I’m starting to learn Tagalog…but it’s so hard sometimes!  The people here talk so fast.  I hope that’s me in a while! J I have so much to say, but sometimes I just can’t say it, because well, Tagalog is quite confusing  and I don’t know it very well. Ano ever! (That means, whatever…kind of a little Taglish. ;)  Anyways, I will be more diligent in studying the language and gospel!  I have faith that if I do, God will help me.

So it’s official, sister Siola’a and I are horrible cooks who never burn anything, but make the fire alarm go off like all the time!  Bakit tayo!! (Why us!!)  Haha! Yeah, the fire alarm went off like 3 times this week.  It’s our little companion joke, “Fire, Fire!” Well, we will always have something to laugh about I guess. J  The fire alarm does always make me laugh! :)

Inline image 1
So how is everyone doing?  What are you all up to?  Do you ever take pictures?? ;)  I will try and send as many as I can today. :) I would love to see all of your maganda and guwapo faces! (Beautiful and Handsome)
I’m sure you are wondering what I do everyday.  Well it’s quite simple, we wake up at 6:30, exercise, make breakfast and get ready for the day.  We study from 8-10, go out and visit people, then come home around 12 for lunch.  After lunch we study for 2 more hours, then around 3, we go back out.  We usually have appointments, but as we all know, a lot of them fall through. :( So when that happens, we go and find the in-actives.  Out of the 1500 members of our ward, 24% are active.  It is really sad when people go inactive because they get offended, or they stop doing the “Small and simple things!”  Please please please, help the inactive member s of your wards!  Help them to feel needed, wanted and loved!  It’s one thing to have “Success” and baptize people, but if they don’t stay active, what good is it?  Reach out to the in-actives, investigators, Recent converts, everyone!!!  Sobra mahalaga!!  (SOOOO important!) Do your visiting and home teaching, and help those that you don’t visit or home teach.  Love the people and show them that God loves them, and needs them in His kingdom!  Okay, so yeah, we go out and find people for the rest of the day.  I was really happy on Sunday, because 13 in-actives that we visited came to church!  They just needed invited.  Invite, they commit, you follow up! ;)

Inline image 2   So weird food, I haven’t had too much.  Pero, I had some authentic delicious Lumpia!  I am soooo getting the recipe!  Sobra masarap! :) I also had some of the best fish I ever tasted!  It was cooked with like coconut oil or something, and other stuff. It was so good…and of course we had it with some delicious authentic Philippine rice. ;)  So you know how last week I told you that I had 1 mosquito bite.  That quickly changed.  I have like a bazillion now!!  That scripture is true, “Pride cometh before the fall…or marami mosquito bites!”  Haha.  Pray that I will have self control, not to scratch.

Well,  last night we extended a baptismal date to a family who has been investigating for 2 years.  They are finally able to be baptized, they got interviewed by my mission president last week.  My mission president came and told us, after the interview, “Why haven’t they been baptized?  They are worthy and ready!  They are such good people and deserve to be baptized.” Well, it’s a miracle and blessing!  I am so glad that they get to take this step finally.  They will be able to have more of the joy and happiness that we can feel from the gospel.  The Gospel changes hearts and lives!  I was reading about King Lamoni and Ammon.  Through the Atonement, Lamoni and His people changed completely.  The gospel is amazing!  I know that it is true!!! I want people to be able to know and feel the way I do, that is why I am on a mission!  I love being here, and sharing the Love of God with all His Children!
Well, I better go now.  I love all of you!  I hope you are doing well, and that you remember that God loves and is mindful of each and everyone of you!  Do your best, and God will bless you so much!
I love you!  You are all in my prayers everyday!

Sister Johannah Coleman