Monday, December 9, 2013

Week Walo (8)

HI family and friends! 

This week has been pretty good, but challenging at times.  But, whats life without challenges??  I been able to participate more in the lessons and talking to people.  I’m starting to learn Tagalog…but it’s so hard sometimes!  The people here talk so fast.  I hope that’s me in a while! J I have so much to say, but sometimes I just can’t say it, because well, Tagalog is quite confusing  and I don’t know it very well. Ano ever! (That means, whatever…kind of a little Taglish. ;)  Anyways, I will be more diligent in studying the language and gospel!  I have faith that if I do, God will help me.

So it’s official, sister Siola’a and I are horrible cooks who never burn anything, but make the fire alarm go off like all the time!  Bakit tayo!! (Why us!!)  Haha! Yeah, the fire alarm went off like 3 times this week.  It’s our little companion joke, “Fire, Fire!” Well, we will always have something to laugh about I guess. J  The fire alarm does always make me laugh! :)

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So how is everyone doing?  What are you all up to?  Do you ever take pictures?? ;)  I will try and send as many as I can today. :) I would love to see all of your maganda and guwapo faces! (Beautiful and Handsome)
I’m sure you are wondering what I do everyday.  Well it’s quite simple, we wake up at 6:30, exercise, make breakfast and get ready for the day.  We study from 8-10, go out and visit people, then come home around 12 for lunch.  After lunch we study for 2 more hours, then around 3, we go back out.  We usually have appointments, but as we all know, a lot of them fall through. :( So when that happens, we go and find the in-actives.  Out of the 1500 members of our ward, 24% are active.  It is really sad when people go inactive because they get offended, or they stop doing the “Small and simple things!”  Please please please, help the inactive member s of your wards!  Help them to feel needed, wanted and loved!  It’s one thing to have “Success” and baptize people, but if they don’t stay active, what good is it?  Reach out to the in-actives, investigators, Recent converts, everyone!!!  Sobra mahalaga!!  (SOOOO important!) Do your visiting and home teaching, and help those that you don’t visit or home teach.  Love the people and show them that God loves them, and needs them in His kingdom!  Okay, so yeah, we go out and find people for the rest of the day.  I was really happy on Sunday, because 13 in-actives that we visited came to church!  They just needed invited.  Invite, they commit, you follow up! ;)

Inline image 2   So weird food, I haven’t had too much.  Pero, I had some authentic delicious Lumpia!  I am soooo getting the recipe!  Sobra masarap! :) I also had some of the best fish I ever tasted!  It was cooked with like coconut oil or something, and other stuff. It was so good…and of course we had it with some delicious authentic Philippine rice. ;)  So you know how last week I told you that I had 1 mosquito bite.  That quickly changed.  I have like a bazillion now!!  That scripture is true, “Pride cometh before the fall…or marami mosquito bites!”  Haha.  Pray that I will have self control, not to scratch.

Well,  last night we extended a baptismal date to a family who has been investigating for 2 years.  They are finally able to be baptized, they got interviewed by my mission president last week.  My mission president came and told us, after the interview, “Why haven’t they been baptized?  They are worthy and ready!  They are such good people and deserve to be baptized.” Well, it’s a miracle and blessing!  I am so glad that they get to take this step finally.  They will be able to have more of the joy and happiness that we can feel from the gospel.  The Gospel changes hearts and lives!  I was reading about King Lamoni and Ammon.  Through the Atonement, Lamoni and His people changed completely.  The gospel is amazing!  I know that it is true!!! I want people to be able to know and feel the way I do, that is why I am on a mission!  I love being here, and sharing the Love of God with all His Children!
Well, I better go now.  I love all of you!  I hope you are doing well, and that you remember that God loves and is mindful of each and everyone of you!  Do your best, and God will bless you so much!
I love you!  You are all in my prayers everyday!

Sister Johannah Coleman

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