Monday, December 30, 2013

Week Sampu (10)

Kumusta Po Kayo??

This week has been pretty good.  It was kind of challenging because all of our investigators were so busy and/or were gone when we came to give them lessons.  It's sad that they are too busy to listen to the message of happiness!  I wish they, actually I wish we would ALL put God first!  We would all be much more happy, peaceful and successful, if we would put God first!!

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Okay so in my studies this week I was studying about conversion, and I found some characteristics of converted people, in true to the Faith. I love that book! Well, 1. They desire to do good, continually. (Mosiah 5:2, Alma 13:12) 2. They share the gospel (Mosiah 18:1; 27:32-37, Alma 10:1-12; 15:12) 3. They do not rebel against the Lord. (Alma 23:6-7) 4. They are filled with love. (4 Nephi 1:2, 15-17 Moroni 7:45).  So, strive to develop these simple traits, and you will be able to become more converted.  Also, to protect yourself from falling away, or heeding to Satan, here are some steps, also from True to the Faith. 1. Keep your covenants.  2. Obey the commandments! 3. Follow church leaders. 4. Partake of the Sacrament. 5. Constantly strengthen your testimony through: Daily Scripture study, Daily Prayer, and daily service.  
These are all very simple things!  Do them, become converted to the Gospel of our Savior!!  I love this Gospel so much!  I cant to become the daughter of God, He wants me to be, through the gospel!

Okay, so lets see...happy Birthday to Sarah and Nathan!!!  Also, happy anniversary to mom and dad!!  You are amazing parents, and wonderful examples!  I love you all!  So, random fact...sister Siola'a and I went to a place to use the bathroom...but when we saw that you had to pay 5 whole piso's for the "Services" we decided to hold it all in, and wait till we got home. Haha!  I am not going to pay 5 piso's for no toilet paper, and no toilet seat!  haha...
We made spaghetti this week!  Sobra masarap!  I love spaghetti!  We had some "Legazpi rolls" with it.  The weirdest thing happened this week, we came home, and I was about to wash my hands...but there was wala (no) water.  Yep, we had no water for almost 2 days.  Good thing we had lots of stored water. :)  Well, we have water now and I will tell you, I LOVE showers even if they're cold! 

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There's an inactive family here, I love them!  I feel like I can just speak Tagalog there, and they will just help me and be patient with me.  Well, we have a deal.  They will memorize the Articles of Faith in Ingles, and Sister Siola'a and I will memorize them in Tagalog.  I'm a little nervous, but I hope we can do it!  Pray for us!!!
Well, I love you all!  I know that the church is true!  I know that the gospel makes people happy!  I know that we are all Children of God.  He loves each and everyone of us!  The Atonement is for all!!  I love you all, and you are in my prayers! Love, Sister Coleman  


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