Monday, December 9, 2013

Week Shum (9)

Hello Everyone! Kumusta po kayo?

This week has been good.  We’ve had our really really good days, and
then we’ve had those other kind of days.  All in all, I love being
here on my mission!  I am supposed to be here!  I love missionary
work!  So lets see, what did I do this week that is new??  Well, I
went on exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders on Wednesday.  I
went with Sister Evans, she’s from New Zealand and is really nice, and
so good in Tagalog.  I learned a lot from her and I had a lot of fun
with her.  I was in her area, so I was again, completely lost like I
was the first day in my own area.  It was kind of funny. Man, I
remember the first day was like I was in Mars!  I didn’t know anyone
and didn’t understand anyone!  I’m just not gonna re-do that day. ;)
So they spent all of Wednesday with us, then they spent the night as
well, and left the next morning.  It was fun, and I will do it again
soon, well I think next transfer.

On Friday, we had zone training.  It was awesome!!  I took a picture
of my zone, but I forgot my SD card reader, and my cord for my camera.
 So, I only have 1 new picture that I took this week.  And, so I’ll
try and add some of the ones I couldn’t send before.  Sorry!  And, the
internet is super slow here, especially on my computer!  I had to
switch computers because it has taken like the 45 minutes, and my
e-mail is not even loaded yet!!  I hope next pday is better.

Okay, so I’ll stop complaining.  I’m sorry, yet again.  We’ve had some
really good experiences this past week.  We were teaching to a less
active lady, and she felt the spirit.  We both could tell, because she
was acting different, she was tearing up, and we both felt the spirit!
 I love the miracles that the spirit can bring.  I know that God
speaks to us through the spirit.  Always be doing, saying, thinking
and in tune with the spirit.  How sad is it when we miss out on
feeling the spirit because of the foolish things we do, see, think and
say.  I know that we have the ability to hear and feel the spirit, we
just need to be worthy for it.  Well, for experiences like that, when
I can see that someone can feel the spirit, that’s when missionary
work really pays off! 

So I think on Monday, we were trying to find an inactive guy.  We
walked up and down the street, but we had no luck.  Well, we finally
found the guy…well so we thought.  He had the right name and
everything.  Well we found out, after visiting with him for a while,
that he was very active catholic and not the man we were looking for.
It was funny.  We invited him to church anyways. So the family that I
talked about last week have a baptismal date for the 28th of this
month.  I hope and pray that they get baptized.  They really do
deserve it. :)

Well, I need to go now.  I love all of you tons!  I hope and pray all
is well with ya'll all the time. :)  Please keep me in your prayers.
I will try and send an attachment with pics. Somethings wrong with the
internet, because it's being super slow! :(
I know the church is true, and I know that if we LIVE it, not just go
through the actions, God will provide the rest for us.  I know we are
all Children of a loving and kind Father in Heaven!  I hope you all
have a wonderful week!
Love, Sister Johannah Coleman

P.S Here is my address that you can send anything to.  Sorry it's
taken me forever, I keep on forgetting!  Not today! Ha!
152 Rizal Street
Barangay Sagpon, Daraga
4501 Albay, Philippines

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