Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Week 78


Hi Everyone,

Well I can't believe how fast time is.  I have 1 week left as a missionary. I am so happy that I have been able to serve as a missionary and to have been able to share the gospel freely and purely for the last 18 months. I love the gospel, and I know that is transforms us into happy and peaceful people-when we live it. I know that God loves all of His Children, and that He has a wonderful and beautiful plan for all of us. This plan is the gospel, and He wants us to follow this plan, so we can be happy. I have really experienced the joy of the gospel, and I will never ever forsake this gospel. I know it is true and was restored by Joesph Smith.  Please, live the gospel. Just trust that you can be happier if you live it completely. I have seen it change so many lives and also my own life.

THis week was really good. We worked hard, and were able to find new investigators and also teach many. I love this work so much! Ahh, I am so so happy! It will be sad saying goodbye to these Saints in the Philippines. I have learned so much from them. They are purely humble and loving to all people. They think about others, before themselves. I love these people!

Well, I hope you all have a great day!

Love Sister Coleman

Week 77


Hello Family,

It is so crazy and sad, I am coming home in 2 weeks.  My mission has gone by sooo fast. I can't even believe it! I really have loved being a full-time missionary. I will never stop being a missionary. I will always share the gospel and live the gospel. I have seen the gospel change so many lives here in my mission. But, I have also seen it change my own life. I have a stronger testimony of the gospel. It is really burning with the truth of the restoration of the gospel, the Atonement, and the 5 principles and ordinances of the gospel that we need to do in order to be saved and happy. I love this gospel. I know that we can see and feel our lives evolve into who God wants us to be, through living the gospel.

Have faith in living the gospel. Have faith that you can change and become happier through living the gospel. Just try it. I am just so blessed to see it everyday. People who have little or great faith in Christ, who apply the gospel, become happier. The gospel is so true!

Well this week has been really good. Sister Buban and I are really striving to do our best everyday.  I always feel bad for the people who we tract to...every night at 8:59.., who are sometimes already going to bed. Oh man, but someday, they will appreciate it. :) I have learned a lot from sister Buban. She is a great missionary, and has really been a great help for me. 

Oh man, there is one of our investigators who we had him read 2nd Nephi 31. We came back yesterday and he said, "I learned a lot from my order to be saved, I need to be baptized." We extended him a baptismal date, and he said he will talk with his kids (who are away from home) so they can be baptized as a family. Wow, he understands that the gospel is a family affair. It really is. 

I love the gospel and I love to share it everyday!

Love Sister Coleman

Week 76


Hello Family,
How are you all?  I hope you are all doing well and are healthy. 
Well, this week was good. We came home from Manila on Tuesday
afternoon, and then on Wednesday we had our MLC (Missionary Leadership
Council.) It was 7:30 am- 5:00 pm.  That was really tiring! It was a
really great training though, I learned a lot. I will be applying a
lot of things into my work. We are really trying to teach whole
families, not just the Nanays of children, but the Fathers too. IT is
so important that when we teach people the gospel-we teach them as
families. Hello, the gospel and eternal life is a family affair. So
when you help the missionaries and fulfill your covenants as members
of the church- please find families.

You know after a long vacation, and then you pull up into the driveway
and walk in the house- and it just feels great and like you say, “I’m
home…” that’s how I felt when I came back to Bacon, my area. I just
love working and I love the people in my area. I love these people and
how humble and kind they are. I have really enjoyed serving them. I
really hope that this branch will grow and someday become a ward and
stake. I love the gospel, and I am so happy that I was able to come
back here to Bacon to share it with the people that I have been called
to teach. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I keep my mouth shut when
I am not in my area, it's just that it's a stronger responsibility
when I am in my area. I love these people!!

So my companion is so great. We have so much fun and work hard
together. I love her so much! She has a special spirit about her, and
she has a beautiful testimony of the gospel. We always love walking
the "MIssionary walk" basically, walking fast. hehe. Just prepare
yourselves for the missionary walk...because "every member a
missionary." ;)

Alright, I love ya'll! Thanks for all of your support and letters and emails. :)

LOve Sister Coleman

Week 75


Alright, so this week was good. We worked hard and were able to do 2 sets of exchanges. I went with SIster Wilkinson, my trainee, on the first one. She is so great! She has grown a lot, and its so fun to see! Well, the next one was with a new sister, she was a cute sister too. Well, I am sorry, I don't really have a lot of time.. We are coming from manila earlier today. We had fun...but were so bored because we had NO WORK. But, we made it worth it, and talked with a lot of people about the and family history. I wish I could share the experiences with you all. Okay, when I get back, I'll share with you. But, here are some pics from our trip.

Love ya!

Sister Coleman

Week 74


Hi Everyone,

This week has been really great! We were able to find some new investigators. There was a family that was a referral from a member, and the lesson was great. The Father said a kneeling prayer at the end of the lesson. If the Father is excited about the gospel, the family will too. :)  I love the gospel so much, and it will help families have eternal relationships! 

Well, I got a new companion on Tuesday. Sister Buban. She is my 2nd filipina companion! I do love the Filipina sisters!! I am excited for this transfer, like I am every transfer! :) She is really hard working and so nice. Man, I am really lucky to have her as my companion. I will learn so much from her! 

So one of our investigators, Brother Melvin, came to church. He's so awesome! In Sunday school the lesson mentioned about baptism, and the teacher asked him, if he was ready to follow Christs example and be baptized. Brother Melvin said he was! Man, he is a great person and he himself has seen the blessings of the gospel in his life. He said that he has found direction in His life, because of the gospel. I know that that is sooo true. The gospel will really give us direction in our lives!

Well, I love you all so much! Thank you for all your love, prayers and support to me. I feel your prayers ever single day!  I know that the Church is true and was restored through Joseph Smith. We have a living prophet on the earth, who is called of God, even Thomas S. Monson. I know that God loves us so very much! We see that everyday!

LOve you all!

Sister Coleman

Week 73


Hello Family,

Kumusta kayo??  This week was good. It was the last week of Sister
Sanchez. She is going home now! I have a temporary companion yesterday
and today, sister Boorau. She's from Kiribati, the place of sister
Kwong. One of my comps. Anyways, she is also going home in April, so
it's so crazy for us that our comps went home, and that we are next.
;( I don't wanna go home, I love the mission! I have really loved
being a missionary, a servant of God. I love the people I serve and my
love for Heavenly Father and His Son has grown immensely! I love the
Atonement and it is really real, and if we use it, and apply the
gospel, we will really have true happiness.

So we had a lot of our investigators come to church! There was one,
Sister Clarita, who we had kind of stopped teaching because she didn't
really like it- and she told us that. Anyways, she came to church for
the first time yesterday and invited us to come to her house. I am
really excited to be able to teach her again. I love this lady so
much, and I really hope that she will continue to progress and live
the gospel. She said that she really liked the classes that we had,
and she felt the spirit. I know that the church is true, and that we
will really be strengthened and blessed as we go to church and
worthily partake of the sacrament. Please go to church!

Well, I know that God loves us, thats why He gave us His Only Begotten
Son. If we will come to Him, we will be made strong. I love you all so
much. Thank you for your kind words and support to me! I am gonna give
the Lord my all, in this short time I have left as a full time
missionary. I know that my mission will not end though in April, for
God has many more things for me to do. I love the work. Do your
visiting and home teaching. Do family History. Magnify your callings.
Study the Book of Mormon everyday. Pray always. Have family prayer and
home evening, and always go to church. We will be strong and happy as
we do those things! I love you all.

Love Sister Coleman

Week 72


Grabe, ang bilis ng panahon!!! (Oh man, the time is sooooo fast!) It really is, and I am going crazy! I love serving the Lord. I have never been happier in my life. I know that we can all experience the true happiness through our pagsunod, or obedience, to the gospel. Trust that! Live the gospel, and we can have true happiness and peace. I have felt and seen it in my life.

Well this week was good. We had interviews and I learned sooo much. My mission President is really the best. I know that He has been called of God, and that His words are coming from God. I am so grateful for the leaders that we have in the church. Listen to them, and heed their council, especially the council from our living Prophet and the 12 Apostles. I know they are called of God, and if we follow their council, we will be safe in this dangerous world. 

Happy Valentines day by the way. And, welcome to the world baby Ferrec! Congrats to Rachel and Erick! Your baby is sooo cute! Man, I am excited to see him, and all of my new nieces and nephews. Wow, I have become an Aunt 3 times on my mission. ;) 

Well, this week is sister Sanchez's last week of her mission. We are going to work super hard this week. I am really excited for this week! I love working hard for God. I know that this work is true and so happy. Continue with your missionary work. Work with the missionaries, feed them, and invite your friends to come closer to God. Also, strengthen yourselves and testimony and faith everyday! Read your scriptures everyday, pray unceasingly, and go to church. Also, have family home evening and go to the temple. :)

Well I love you all! 

Have a great day!

LOve Sister Coleman

Week 71


Holy Cow, time is fast!  I still remember week 1. Man, I wish I could go back!  I love being a missionary. I am so happy, sharing and living the gospel. I know that we experience the greatest joy when we live the gospel!

So this week we were able to find some new investigators. There's one couple, who is super cute.  It's the best, because they're a couple. The gospel is a family thing! :)  I really hope that they will be able to have faith and come unto Christ.  Man, it's so awesome seeing the changes in people's lives and how they become happier and more blessed when they live the gospel. 

I love working hard. I know that the work that I do, or that any missionary does, has done and will do is so worth it.  I know that no effort is wasted, so we need to do our best in every situation we are in.  Whatever it is, if it is to come more unto Christ, the effort is not wasted.

Well, we went on a hike this morning, and ate fresh coconut (Buko) and drank the water inside. Ah it's so good. :) MAn, I wish they had that is Texas. ;) Man, the branch missionaries are great here. They are super fun and are great and work with us. :)  Please fulfill your callings..what ever it is. 

Well, I love you all so much. I am praying for you. 

Love Sister Coleman

Week 70


Hi Everyone!

This week was really good.  We had 2 exchanges.  I was in our area, and my companions were great!  They were both super hard working!  I just want to be so much more hardworking  after the exchanges!  Well, our investigators are doing okay.. but they didn't come to church. THis was the first week that none of them came! ah man, we will just be better about helping them understand the importance of church attendance. 

Well, I have to say I just love being a missionary!  It's the greatest work!  PLease do your missionary work!  PLease visit and home teach and work with the missionaries.  God will bless you if you do!

Well, I ate some delicious muscles...yes, they were good! :)  MAn, I love sea food. :) I love the food here!  Well, I will send you pics! Sorry I didn't write a lot!  Pictures say a thousand words right?

Love ya! Sister Coleman

 Selfi Selfi pag may time..

Week 69


Hi Family,

This week was good and busy.  We had MLC on Thursday, and then Zone Training on Saturday as well as a baptism and funeral.  We were busy on Saturday and were not able to work. BUT, we were able to teach to Brother Melvin, the new investigator who is really doing great!  He has been progressing, and he has come to church every Sunday.  He came to the baptism, and He said he really felt the spirit, especially when the Sister was bearing her testimony, because he could really relate to her. Simple, Pure testimony is the best.  

Well, I was able to speak in Church yesterday, it was missionary Sunday.  Anyways, I spoke about Fasting. I learned a lot as I was preparing it. We can really use fasting for every aspect of our lives. It is a powerful commandment and law that God has blessed us with.  I invite all of us, to fast more purposefully and really take advantage of it.

Well, the work is good. I do love it.  I love to share the gospel and to see how it changes the hearts of the people.  We were able to teach the husband of an investigator namin.  Yeah, so we taught them both, and it was just so beautiful to see a couple learning the gospel together.  I do love the gospel so much!

Well, I hope you have a great day!

Sister Coleman

Week 68


Hello Po!

Alright, so this week was good. I have learned a lot from my companion. She is really a good example to me.  She is a hard worker and loves the people.  I am super grateful that she is my companion.  We have fun together and love the work. 

So we were able to teach a lot this week...except for when we had a little typhoon on Saturday.  It was sooo weird.  The winds were heavy and strong and the rain was super weird.  My umbrella kept going inside out. It was super funny and embarrassing. We had curfew at 6 on Saturday night.  Sister Sanchez and I played "Slap JAck," the game that Dad sent me for Christmas.  Man, sister Sanchez is really good at it! haha.. it just wasn't my day. :)  

Anyways, so on Sunday we still had church.  We had to clean up the flood though, on the 2nd story of our house though, so we were a little late.  I love the saints here.  Even though, there was a bagyo, they still came to church to renew their baptism covenants.  I love the people here. Our investigator that I mentioned last week is great. He came to church.  That is what I call Faithful, and ready!  He was so wet and cold, yet he still came.  We need more saints like that!

We also had exchanges this week.  I was with Sister Tavita, from Kiribati.  It was fun to be with the trainy of sister Kwong, my companion before sister Wilkinson.  Man, I have only had 7 companions in the field...including the one 3 sum I was in.  Wow, other missionaries have like 13 and stuff. I have learned so much from my companions though.  They are all great!

Anyways, exchanges were really good. I would much rather be in my area when I do exchanges.  She is a great missionary.  We got to go tracting!  It felt good.. I haven't done it in a while.  

So on Sunday, we got a text from a member saying that his mom had died. It was super sad.  So we went to the hospital where they were, and were able to hopefully help in some way.  We got back to Bacon at about 8, and were able to teach a less active family, and then we went home and did our Sunday reporting. So yesterday was busy.  Well, today, we went early to the mortuary and helped 2 other relief society sisters dress the lady.  It was a very interesting experience.  

As these 2 days have past, I have been reflecting about how lucky and blessed I am to have knowledge about the plan of Salvation.  I know that we can see our loved ones again.  I know that if we live the gospel: have faith in Christ, repent, are baptized and keep our covenants, receive the holy ghost and endure to the end, we can see each other again and be with one another forever.  I know that this is true. I also know that Christ overcame the sting of death.  Because of Him, we can live again. We can be clean and prepare for death, because of our Savior. I love my Savior, and I know that He is always there for each and every one of us!

Well, I love you all so much!  Thank you for all your love and support!

Love Sister Coleman

Week 67


So this week was great!  We were able to work hard and teach a lot.  We has a very happy week!  Transfers are tomorrow, but sister Sanchez and I are still together.  So, I will be her last companion.  She will be my 2nd to last companion.  Thats crazy!  Sister Sanchez is great, and is a wonderful teacher. She know's and understands the gospel.  I am glad we have one more transfer to work even harder. :)

Okay, so we were able to teach this man yesterday that is so prepared.  Okay, so the first time I saw him was at the Christmas party of the branch.  It had been raining, so he came into the church to dry off. Then, he came to church the next sunday. So I talked with him, and we found out that he lives in our area, and that he was taught by the missionaries a long time ago.  We weren't able to meet with him that Sunday, pero yesterday he came to church and we were able to teach him.  He feels he has no direction in His life.  He has never been married, and his parents are gone, and his siblings are so far.  He has no one.  But, we testified that he does has someone, the Savior and our Heavenly Father.  We were able to extend a baptismal date for February.  I know there was a reason that it rained that one night, and the church was open, so he could come in and find where he belongs.

I am so grateful for the gospel.  We know who we are, and what we can become through the gospel.  I know if we want direction in our lives, the place to turn is the gospel.  

Well, I love you all so much!  Thank you for all you do for me!  Love Sister Coleman

P.S. The picture of me, with the egg, is BALUT. So I have eaten balut 3 times now on my mission.  It's not too, bad.  It was interesting to be eating the sisu.  The little duck. haha!  Well, I love ya all!


Week 66


hello po!

This week was really good.  Holy cow, it's already 2015!  I can't believe that it is a new year, and that the time has gone so fast.  So this week we celebrated New years and ate this really good rice stuff..oh man, I forgot what it's called, basta it's really good.  So, we also had exchanges.  I went with Sister Dizon.  She is a trainer and is such a great missionary.  We are finally done with exchanges for this transfer...yay, so next week we can just really focus so much in our area. I love doing the work!

So we had 2 of our investigators come to church.  One of them came last week too.  She also came with a skirt on!  She is really progressing!  I love my investigators.  Also another one came, and she has been taught by the  missionaries forever.  She finally came to church.  I asked how it was for her and she said, "Masarap!" It basically means, it was great, and felt wonderful.  She is so great as well! Also, President Guanzon came to our branch for church.  So the little key board we have hear is broken.  This key just randomely comes on and beeps.  So it's really hard to play a song.  We, the missionaries, were trying to not laugh in sacrament meeting, because it sounded so bad.  Anyways, my piano skills probably sounded horrible! haha.  After sacrament meeting, president Guanzon came up and asked if the piano was broken.  haha.  He said he'll be ordering a new one! Thank goodness.  Hopefully, I can be able to play it!

Today, we had a district activity. We went to this place called Sawangga beach resort. It was super pretty! I love the ocean, and sorry to say, the beaches here, are a lot better than Florida keys. :)  It was gorgeous and we found some cool things.  Also, on the way back, we got to ride "Top load" on the jeepney.  So we were on top of it.  It happens all the time here...because they are all so full inside. Well, it's a good district I'm in! :)

Well, I love you all!  I know this work is true and is so amazing!  I am so blessed to be a missionary.  I know that we can all partake of true happiness if we live the gospel and share it.  I love you all!

Love Sister Coleman

So with the name tag pic...come on, I'm a missionary, so meaning, I have to take one of those...:) The last picture is some of the members in my branch...the Bacon Branch! :)

LOve ya!

Week 65


Hi Everyone!

Maligayang pasko! Maganda talaga ang pasko ko dito sa Pilipinas. Mababait ung mga tao dito.  Masarap talaga ang pagkain dito, at ang ganda ganda ng Panahon. (Merry Christmas! My Christmas was really good here in the Philippines. The people here are nice. The food is so good, and the weather was sooooo soooo great!)  It was super nice to be able to talk with my family on Christmas.  It was so nice to talk with everyone, even though we are all in different parts of the world.  We are in 4 different continents.  It's so awesome and such a blessing.  I am grateful for technology for that reason.  I love my family soooo much!  I am so happy that you are all faithful members of the church, and active in the gospel.  That is what brings true happiness. I love you all!

Well, I have learned so much from the people here.  They are so Christlike.  They really have the spirit of Christmas in them everyday.  I want to become more like them.  They are humble and meek.. I love these people and I know that they are so important to Heavenly Father.  

On Christmas, we went to our branch Presidents house.  They fed us some delicious food, and we played a game that Dad sent me.  It's this game that you like slap the cards and it's like a favorite one to me. You know how I love those "slapping" games. haha!  Thank you all for your packages and letters, and emails.  I love you all. 

So 2 of our investigators came to church yesterday.  They are so great. Hopefully at least one of them will get baptized in January or February.  I love being a missionary and teaching these humble people.  Oh just earlier today, we were on a jeepney and I started talking to this old nanay. Anyways, she was so nice and invited us to go to her house.  Also, she said she was sooo sad. She has no family here, and her husband died in August.  I told her that we can really find happiness and peace in the gospel.  She is so awesome and is excited for us to go over.  Also, I invited her to church.  She said she will come.  WHAT??  Thats so awesome.  We haven't even taught her, and she committed to go to church. She seems so great! :)  

I hope you all have a wonderful new year.  I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is True.  It was restored through Joseph Smith.  I know we have the Authority of God on earth, to bind families forever.  I know we have the fulness of the gospel through the Book of Mormon.  If we ever feel like our testimony is weak, let us follow the action done by one of my Recent Converts. She said that she read the testimony of Joseph Smith, and she felt her testimony grow about the gospel.  I know that as we study the BOM everyday, we will know what to do. 

I love you all! Love Sister Coleman

Week 64


This is my mission!  I love my mission!  Can you find me??  I am on the right side. ;)

2014 Christmas Con Groufie


Hello Family!

Merry Christmas!  I am trying to remember that it is only a few days till Christmas...but it's hard to believe it's Christmas this sure doesn't feel like it.  It's hot here and we have a really funny looking messed up Christmas tree. haha!  Well, even if it doesn't feel like Christmas, I am so grateful for the birth of Jesus Christ. Our Savior and King.  He is the way for us to overcome challenges, heart-aches, sin, pain and everything else.  I am so grateful for my Savior and I know that He loves each one of us!  He is all powerful and is our hope and peace.  

This week we had Christmas conference.  All the missionaries got to go.  It was so great!  I was uplifted and felt the spirit so strong.  I love the gospel and learning it.  I LOVE living the gospel!

Well, we have been really busy this week.  We had, a leadership training, Christmas conference, family history workshop, and zone training.  We have been super busy, and I have not traveled as much as I have in the past week, than I have in a long time. 

Well, here's some pics!  Sorry the email is short... but I love you all!  Thanks for your support and prayer and encouragement!

Love SIster Coleman

p.s. I finally got to go to church in my own branch.  We have the cutest little meeting house, and faithful members.  There are like 40 or 50 members who come...  I love this branch!

Christmas conference with santa...and on our way to the family history workshop with the zone leaders.  It's scary being in a bus in the Philippines! haha!  This is our Sorsogon Zone.  We've got a great zone!


Week 63


Ano ba iyan??  It's week 60 already!

Man, so this week has been pretty good. We did some service for a few days in the morning, but we have been able to get back to normal work again. :)  I absolutely love being a missionary!  It's the most rewarding and happy job ever!  I invite us all to take our role's as missionaries, (because we are all missionaries as members) and share the happiness we have.  I know that as we do our family History, give referrals to the missionaries, work with the missionaries, even if like 1 lesson lang; and feed the missionaries, we can all feel of the joy of missionary work. :)

Yesterday was a crazy/good day, we had a special district conference (a step down from a stake...) and they re-organized the district presidency.  As they spoke, I was thinking about how blessed people are as they stay true to the gospel.  As they stay active in the church and gospel, even when things get really hard.  I will always stay true to our Father in Heaven by keeping His commandments and by staying active in the Church and gospel.  I am so blessed to have parents who do love the Lord and put Him first.  I have been so blessed to be born into the family that I am in.  I feel like the Stripling warriors do, "I do not doubt, because my parents know it" the gospel.  Mom and Dad, I love you so very much!

Anyways, the reason why the day was crazy, because we got home from the conference, and then studied, and then went and taught one awesome lesson, and then ate dinner, then went back to the district center and watched the First Presidency devotional.  Oh my goodness, the devotional was so beautiful!  I was so touched by the stories and talks.  I do agree with Elder Maynes (thats his name, right?) That the Christmas story is a family story.  The gospel is so much for families!  I know that if we live the gospel and develop Christlike attributes, we can really have happy and Joyful families. :)

I know that the gospel is true.  I know Heavenly Father loves us and wants us to return to His presence and experience HIS joy, so He sent His son.  I am so grateful for the Atonement.  It is real and I know that Christ loves us and He lives for us.

I love you all! LOve, Sister Coleman

Week 62


I just wanted you all to know that we are safe and after 3 days in one apartment with 10 sisters, and (1 bathroom...grabe!) we are back at home in Bacon.  The Typhoon had crazy strong winds and rain, but surprisingly, there wasn't a lot of damage.  Mainly flooding.  Well, we are very blessed that it wasn't super bad.  In other parts of the Philippines, I think it got it pretty bad,  I sure hope not.  Well, thank you for all you prayers!  I love you all!


Sister Coleman

Week 61


Hello Po Everyone,

Well I am emailing today because...there is supposed to be a bagyo here in our place.  We got evacuated to sorsogon is more far away from the ocean than where I got transferred. I got transferred by the way to Bacon, Sorsogon.  Our apartment is beach front it's gorgeous, but not so good for the bagyo.  Our leaders told us to bring stuff got like 1 week...oh man, I really hope it's not super bad.  Well, we are all doing well.  We have all of our sisters in 1 zone, in 1 apartment. haha.  So thats 10 of us.  It's been pretty fun to get to know all of the sisters!  I love them all a lot!

So my new companion by the way, is Sister Sanchez.  She is my first filipina companion! She's super nice and really funny!  She is the STL here in Sorsogon zone, and she is training me to be one as well.  She's a really good missionary, and I am excited to learn from her.

Sister Wilkinson got transferred to the same branch as me.  So we are in the same house and everything! haha!  Her follow up trainer is sister Mwea from Kiribati.  She was in my first district in my mission, in Tabaco.  She is so funny!  We're a fun little group of sisters in our beach house...:)  

Man, so it's been an interesting first week, because sister Mwea has been gone in Manila with another sister who's going home, (my old comp sister Tou), so sister Sanchez was working with sister Wilkinson in her area, and I have been working in my area with sister Tou's comp.  Man, so it's been kind of tracting always because I don't know where any people live and who they are.  We actually tracted into some of our investigators and I think former as well.  It's been fun.  

When we thought everything was getting back to normal, Sister Typhoon Ruby came and we got evacuated.  Well, we just will see whats gonna happen.  Don't worry about us.  We'll be fine.  Heavenly Father Protects his missionaries.  I love you all so much and I know that this work is true.  I do know that we have a kind, wise and loving Father in Heaven.  I love sharing the gospel!  If you wanna be happy, share the gospel!

Well, I love you.  Sorry if I don't email for a while, we don't know when we will have electricity.  

Love, Johannah

Week 60


Hi Everyone!

Well, the news (mga balita) is that I am getting transferred, as well as my companion.  WHAT??  Yes, both of us are getting transferred.  :(  Well, I have been in this branch for 9 months already, so it's about time for sure.  I gave a talk in Church yesterday and I cried so much.  Maybe that was like the 2nd time I have really cried here...yes I am not really a crier.  Anyways, I have really grown to love the people here, and I will miss them, but I know I need to be transferred.  The Elders, in our area (yes, our area will become and Elders area) will be great!  The area, really needs Elders. :)  Well, I am excited for the new adventure that will come with the next area. 

Well this week has been great! I have been kinda sad because it is really progressing, but everything will be fine.  I love missionary work.  It is the happiest best work ever!  I know that we are all missionaries.  Where ever we are, who ever we are, in EVERY situation and time, we are all missionaries.  We have the gospel and it is our responsibility to share it.  I love it, and I am so grateful that I am a full-time missionary!  I have never had so much Joy in my life!

Well, I love you all!  Have a beautiful day!! Thanks for all you do for me.  

Love Sister Coleman

Week 59


Hello Everyone,

How are you all? Sorry I didn't write anything last we know, "A picture's worth a thousand words.." so technically I wrote a LOT last week. ;)  Well, the works is great! I love being a missionary, and serving the Lord. There is so work that is more important, except for "in our own homes."  We were able to meet this family last week/the week before, So we decided to look for this old Less Active Lady, that we had never met before.  Well, her name just stood out randomly , so we went and looked for her.  We went to the house, and this couple came out and we asked them about the LA.  They said she had died...last December.  The man was the child of the Less Active.  We had a wonderful opportunity to be able to talk with them about God's plan for families.  That plan is that through living the gospel, we can become forever with our families.  We were able to set up a time to return. 

The first lesson was great, and they said they would come to church the next day. They came! :)  We were actually kind of surprised.  They came and felt the spirit.  Well we had another lesson with the, with the best fellow shipper couple. :)  It was an awesome lesson!  The spirit was so strong and I know that everyone in that lesson felt the spirit.  I love sharing the gospel! Well, this couple is doing well.  We are really working with them! :)  

Okay, so the cool thing about this is that if we had looked for the dead LA a week or 1 month earlier...we might not have found this couple.  They also realize this. The sister was saying that she know's there is a purpose for us finding them.. They are so great, and have beautiful faith!

Well, we shall see what happens on Saturday night.  We know who will be transferring! ;/  I think I probably will, but we shall see!  Sorry I never have great stories! OKay,. here's a funny-ish one. (At least to Sister Wilkinson and me.)  So we're praying before we went out of our house. It was S. Wilkinsons turn.  She was like, "Please bless us with the Gift of Tongues, and help us understand the peoples 'pusa.'" OKay, so PUSA is CAT. PUSO is HEART. Haha!  She got it mixed up. She asked for the gift of tongues to understand peoples cats...instead of their hearts.  It was a really funny experience! 

Well, I love you all!  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We're gonna have a great Thanksgiving here! :)  I am so thankful for everything in my life, most of all the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I am so thankful we have THE way to return to Heavenly Father, with our families. :)

Love Sister Coleman

Wow, here's some pics for ya'll!

Week 58


Hi Family,

So this week has been good.  Okay, here's some pics to fill you in the last 5 months! 

These are all the RM's in our branch and then this is us at this place here in Ligao, Kawa kawa. It's really pretty!  Oh we're with Luisa and Gergence.

​Thats Ligao, it's my beautiful home! :)  Mom i thought you'd like the nativity!

​ This is at the wedding we went to.  If you didn't know how lice looks, well here it is. ;( We got awesome pajama pants! :)  They have elephants on them. :)

​ Well, as you can see, I am such a short american!  Man, everyone is taller than me! Those are our STL's and we had exchanges last week with them. :)  Ah it's just beautiful here!  Stephanie, thanks for your package! :)

Well I love you all so much! Thank you for all you do for me!

Love Sister Coleman

Week 57

So this week has been pretty good.  Okay, what happened??  We have been working hard and trying to find new investigators.  We are trying to find families.  We are really hoping a praying that Luisa's family will want to really accept the gospel in there lives.  The Torres family is doing wonderful as always. :)  They are sooo awesome! I wish you all could meet them.  Okay, so transfers our coming up, really quickly, like 2 weeks! ahhh! I don't want to transfer, but I think I will.  I have almost been here for 9 months...half of my mission in Ligao. (Ligao means lost...that pretty much explains me haha!) I love this branch!  They are really catching the vision of the work.

Okay, so one horribly disgusting thing.  Please don't disown me, just understand that this happens to people in the Philippines.  Well, my head has been itching lately.... so one day, on Saturday actually, I getting ready for the day, and my hair was wet. Anyways, all of the sudden, I looked at my hand and guess what was CRAWLING, yes crawling on it?  Yes, you answered correctly, lice. Yes brother and sisters, I have lice.  I am so disgusted and so grossed out.  I have lice. So I have had to spend extra time in the shower combing out my hair.  Do you have any ideas to get rid of lice?  I've got quite a few pieces out, but I just have the feeling they are still there, investing my hair! So I actually put DoTerra's melaluca oil (Yes, I still love DoTerra! p.s. sorry I don't know how to spell that.) in with my shampoo and that seems to be helping.  It feels good. :) Well, if I still have it next week, I would really appreciate some ideas from you. (or google ;)

Well, we also went to a members wedding (kasal) on Saturday.  It was interesting...  I wish the best for them!  It was fun to see the traditions and culture here in weddings.  It was Sister Alma's wedding.  She used to always work with us, and then..yeah not anymore because she had a wedding to plan and now she's moving to Tacloban.  I'll miss her!

Well I am sorry this week has been boring.  Next week will be better! :)  I love you all.  I love the work I am a part of, actually we are all part of it!  Please fulfill your baptism covenants and share the gospel.  I love the gospel, and there are people who are just waiting for you to share with them, the gospel.

I love my Savior Jesus Christ! He is the way!  Follow Him, and you will find true happiness that you cannot find anyway else!
Love, Sister Coleman

Week 56

Hello Po Family!

This week has again been great!  The Torres family was baptized on Friday!  Oh man, they are so ready for baptism and to make covenants with God.  The Branch mission Leader told us that they have callings for them, and they already have home teachers.  YAAAY!  The work is soooo progressing in this branch.  I love Ligao branch 2, and they are really catching the vision of the work of Salvation!

So Luisa Ortiz received a calling as well, she is the 2nd councilor in Young Womans. She will be such a great example to all the young women!  She is so great, and really takes things seriously!  I love her, and she will be so awesome in young womens.  I love her so much.  This morning we went to Kawa Kawa with her and Gergence this morning.  It was really fun to be with those great Sisters!

This week we had curfew because of the "All saints day" and "Day of the dead." We also had a branch activity on one of the nights.  It was a lot of fun!  We focused it on family history and missionary work.  The branch is catching the vision!!! 

Last night we had a fireside/devotional with Elder Oaks.  It was just for the Philippines.  It was soooo awesome, and I learned so much!  Brother Torres came, as well as Luisa.  They are so ready for the gospel!  I love them all!

I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day saints is true.  this is the Church that Christ established before, but was lost, but was restored again through a Prophet Joseph Smith.  I know God loves us!  He has given us the restored gospel because He loves us!  I love this work that I am a small part in.  I invite us all to give God all of our Heart, Might, mind and strength!  He will bless us so much as we do.  Do your visiting and home teaching.  Find people who are ready!  Love all you come in contact with!

I love you all!

Love, Sister Coleman 

p.s. I am going to send this before the internet stops working...but there are pics coming...hopefully!

Week 55

Hi Everyone,

This week has been great! So first of all, we got to see Cherilyn and Lusia, our two investigators, get baptized on Saturday.  Oh man, the baptism was so great!  They are both very prepared, and are ready to Endure faithfully to the end.  I am so happy with them, and that we made it through this journey so they could make these sacred covenants with Heavenly Father.  Luisa told me that she was so happy, and that she know's that this is the right thing for her to do.  She also said that she felt a "Burning Bosom."  Thats what I am so happy to hear!  She know's for herself that this gospel is true.  She is ready to live and love it even more.  I have a testimony that the gospel is true.  I know that if we want to be happy, or we feel there is something missing in our life, the gospel is the remedy!  I am so humbled to have witnessed their baptisms.

This weekend, the Torres family will be baptized.  My District Leader interviewed them yesterday and said they were all great and ready.  Especially Edwin, the 12 year old boy.  He know's and lives the gospel!  He is so great, and such a wonderful example to me.  I am so happy and blessed to be here for our investigators baptisms!  It's so humbling to see them make these covenants! I am just one little small intrument to help them get on this path, but they are all prepared and ready.  They just needed to be found!  Please be full time finders, and share the gospel with all those you come in contact with!

Well, Isaac, happy, the 27th!  I am sending a postcard for you.  Also, congrats Stephanie and Daniel!  I am so happy to hear that my little nephew made it into this world, with a great safe, Christ centered family.  

Okay, so something disgusting funny that happened this week.  Okay, so it might sound familiar to you... anyways we're walking, and all of these little kids are grabbing onto us... (I never thought we'd be so popular! There were a bunch of kids grabbing onto our we were pretty much dragging them.) anyways, it's at night time, so we can't see exactly what we're walking...into.  All of the sudden, I didn't feel the ground under my left foot, and then realized I had stepped into a little sewer ditch thing.  Yes, that is the second time something like this has happened. The other time I was laying down in a ditch..and my backside was wet. Gross!!  Okay, I won't be wearing those shoes again.  Well, I will send pics next week.  

Love Johannah

Week 54

Alrighty, so sorry about last week.  I wrote the email, and then...yay the internet stopped working!  Only in the Philippines!  haha!  This week has been a good one.  I love all my investigators, I love the work that we do, I love it all!!  So happy Birthday Isaac Stanley Coleman!  I can't believe you are already 4 year's old on the 27th!!  I have a post card for you, but I need your new the address. :)

So last week we had exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders, sisters Vi and Andrada.  I went to the other area, and sister Wilkinson was in our area.  She is so great! She led the area very well, and I think she should train when we are done. Man, she is really the one training me!  So I learned a lot this week.  One thing was that preparation is more important for the lessons with people, instead of just teaching lessons.  So, we have been really trying to prepare a lot better with the members we are working with.  So we start with a prayer, talk about what we will teach and stuff, and then after we have taught, we will evaluate.  So the member is really involved and feels (but actually really is soooo helpful) helpful and also the spirit.  We end with a prayer.  I have noticed that our lessons are a lot more spiritual and that our investigators learn a lot more.  It's been great!

Also, Luisa Ortiz and Cherilyn Rivera will be baptized on Saturday. :)  This has been an adventure with those two wonderful Children of God.  I have learned so much as I have been teaching them.  Luisa is so strong and really see's the beautiful blessings of daily scripture study, prayer and going to church.  She will be so great as a member of the Church!  She really understands.  Cherilyn is great!  She is 13 years old, and is just coming out of the wood work!  She know's and understands a lot in the gospel.  She has a beautiful testimony of our Savior.

The Torres family is awesome still.  Nanay and Tatay, especially Tatay was sick yesterday.  But they still came to church.  How blessed I am to be able to teach them! I learn so much from them.  They will be great, strong members of the gospel!  

Well, I love you all.  I love the gospel and the effects of the atonement and Gospel in my life personally.  I know that I am happy because of the gospel. Mom and Dad, thank you for raising me in this beautiful gospel.  I know that it is true and I will "Never, no never forsake!"  

Have a wonderful day!

Love Sister Coleman

Week 53

Sister Coleman wrote an email, but the internet stopped working before she was able to send it.