Monday, January 27, 2014

Week Labing- Anim (16)

Hello po Lahat pamilya at kaibigan ko. (Hello all of my friends and family)

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Kumusta po Kayo?  Sana you are all doing fabulous! (Sana-hopefully.)  This week has been wonderful!  We have had wonderful experiences and lessons.  I love being on my mission!  Time flies like crazy!  It was just pday, and now it's pday, yet again.  Well, lets see Sister Siola'a and I had the opportunity to teach the workshop in our district meeting.  We taught about "How to Begin Teaching."  We used the example of how Christ began to teach the people in the America's after His Resurrection.  In 3 Nephi 11:3-11.  He first, introduced Himself and then He told them His purpose.  That's just a summary of what we talked about.  Well, Christ is such a great example for us to follow no matter what situation we are in in life.  

Okay, so we are hopefully getting close with the Calleja family.  I love this family dearly!  I want to see them get baptized and then hopefully sealed!  I am so grateful for eternal families, and that I can be with mine forever!!!!!  I love this gospel, and the many blessings that can come from living it.  Thank you mom and dad, for always teaching us the right, so that we can be an eternal family.  I love my family, and I am so happy that we know that we have the ability to be together forever!

So what else did we do this week, uh...well the same old same old.  Oh, so I made On the top stove cookies, or no bake cookies.  They are sooooo masarap!  I used coconut milk, and put fresh coconut in them.  They are so good!  Oh, and I also had fresh chocolate, like the people who gave it to us, ground the chocolate beans and did all the prep.  Well, it was pretty good, and we made hot chocolate out of didn't end up being too good. It was fun to try anyways.  
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Inline image 1I got my Christmas package, today right before e-mailing.  Thank you for the masarap chocolates and the other things.  It's a nice and fun Christmas package!  I love you all!  Thanks again! :)  Oh the picture with a much of people is the Bonayon family.  They are amazing!  I love this family so much as well!  I don't want to transfer!!!  (I will though, because I don't want to.) Well, I guess we'll see soon! 

I love you all very much!  I KNOW that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints is true, and has been restored!  I love this gospel!  It makes me so happy!  Please always do the simple things, Read your Scriptures, pray, and go to church!  I know that if you do, you will have the strength to withstand the temptations of Satan!  I love the power of the Gospel and living it!  There are no words to describe the love I have for the restored gospel of Jesus Christ!  Please share it, and always do your best to live it!  With ALL of your heart, might, mind and strength!  I love you all! 

Love, Sister Coleman

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Monday, January 20, 2014

Week Labing-Lima (15)

Hello po pamilya ko, at kaibigan ko!

Magandang Umaga, Hapon, at Gabi! (Beautiful morning, evening, and night.)  I hope you are all doing well!  I am just loving this mission!  Guess what???  I ate Balut!  Yes, sister Coleman ate the Balut that everyone is so "grossed" out with...well, it wasn't too bad after all.  I'll try and send the video sometime.  Well, i'm just glad my little chick didn't have feathers!  It was actually so fun to try, and I would eat it again.  Nathan, you'd better be proud of me!  I was thinking of how happy you would be, the whole time I was eating it!  Yeah, so we went on exchanges this week with our Sister Training leaders.  I went with sister Fabia. She's great, and we had a lot of fun together.  I have a lot I can improve in, and I am excited to become a better missionary.  

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Well, I got to go on splits with a lady in my branch.  We taught a lesson about obedience to the commandments and also scripture study.  I loved the lesson!  I felt the spirit so strongly.  I know that we are given commandments to help us.  I love the commandments of God!  I know they are so important for us to follow!  I am so thankful that God gives us commandments! We need to strive to follow them, and come to love and know them!

Oh, so this ladies daughter (the one we taught about the commandments) is so cute!  She wants be like sister Siola'a and I and be a missionary.  She want's to go to church so bad!  But, we just need to get her mom to come!  It's sometimes hard to trust in God, but we need to know that if we are doing his will, He will provide! I love the scriptures in 3 Nephi 13:31-34.  I think we can apply these to any situation with following the commandments.

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Okay, so I had an embarrassing, "Sister Coleman, trying to speak Tagalog" moment.  Well we were on a Padjuck, riding home, and I was just trying to talk with the driver.  I was like, "May Typhoon ba?" (Is there a typhoon?) He said, "Opo." (Yes) I said, "Saan?" (Where?) So, he pulled out his little white cell phone out of his pocket...I thought he was trying to show me where the typhoon was, on his phone.  Well, after a second, I said, "Grabi!!" (Grabi is like saying "that stinks, oh man, thats horrible, too bad" know, something you would say if you didn't like something or that there was a typhoon.)  After a second of thinking, I realized that He thought I said, "may telephone ba?"  Yes, I told this man that his phone was "Grabi!"  I am a horrible missionary!  Oh sister siola'a and I are still laughing about that experience!  I guess all missionaries learning a language have plenty of those.

Well, I hope you all know that I know that the church is true!  I love this gospel, and i am so happy!  I love this mission I have been called on, I know I need to be here doing this work!  I love you all!  You are in my prayers!! 

Love, Sister Coleman

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Monday, January 13, 2014

Week Labing-Apat (14) Photos

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Week 14

Hello Po Lahat!

So I am going crazy and I don't even know what week it is.  Thanks Stephanie, for the heads up, and letting me know that it was week 14. They are right, missionaries really do loose track of time.  Oh yeah, on Wednesday or Thursday, it was my 3 month anniversary since being in the MTC and on my mission.  Time flies!!  I don't want my mission to end, because I just love it soooo much!! Anyways, so this week has been really good!  We've had some really good and interesting situations.  We've had some awesome lessons!  I love it when we are led by the spirit as we teach and find.  I love this work!!

We had interviews with President Guanzon this week as well.  Oh my goodness, it was the greatest interview ever!  I loved just talking to him, and receiving guidance and help.  My goals, in regards to learning Tagalog are to be diligent and have a 1 hour language study every day, and then to be exactly obedient.  I want to be able to learn Tagalog, and I know that God will only bless me as I continue to strive to be obedient and be diligent in my studies.  I'm so excited to!! 

We had zone training this week as well!  Ahh my zone is great, and I am excited to work with all of them! :)  I learned a lot and I want to apply what I learned. 

Well, I am so sorry, but time is up, so I need to go.  The work is great, and I am loving every second of my mission!  I know that the gospel is true! It is the true source of happiness.  Please do all the simple things, that will bless your lives, BIG time!  I love all of you!
Love, Johannah

p.s we made coconut milk, and had fresh coconut too!  Masarap!!

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Week Labing- Tatlo (13)

Hello po!!

Well this week has been a good one!  We started it out with New Years!!  It was so noisy and crazy here!!  It was fun though.  In America, we definitely do not celebrate new years that much.  It was different, but fun!  We had tons of food that people just kept on feeding us.  We were walking into our house, and our neighbor/investigator was like, "Kumain Muna!!" That means, Eat First!  Well, that day we had a few breakfasts, and luches and then dinners.  Funny, masarap, and..I regreted it the next day. ;) 

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 I love the food here!  Oh, we made Lumpia with some other sisters who had to stay at our apartment.  It was soooooo masarap!  All that's inside is: Carrots, potaoes, an egg, pepper, salt, other spices, onion, garlic, and some ground or pulled meat.  We used Chicken, but people usually use pork. Masarap!!  Oh, then  you put it in the lumpia wrappers, and wrap it like a burrito, then fry it, like you fry, fry bread.  So delicious!  Sister Siola'a and I also made our version, as in we don't know if we made it right, of Adobo.  It was so good anyways!  We used brown rice with it, so it was a little healthier! :)  

Other than cooking new food, and eating more than an elephant does, we’ve had a good week finding and teaching.  Our investigators are progressing, and coming closer to Christ. Lumapit kay JesuCrsito! (Come unto Christ) That is what we want our investigators and L.A’s we’re working with.  Oh my goodness, the kids here are so cute!  They all say, “Americano Americano!!!” Every time we walk past.  Also, they’re like, “What’s your name, why are you here…”  I always say, “Ako po si Sister Coleman, I am here to ‘Invite others to come unto Christ…” Okay, so I just say the last part to sister Siola’a. J  But really, that’s why I’m here in the Philippines!  I’m telling you, I love it here too!!  I love working and helping others!  The miracle of the gospel is amazing!  The gospel changes us!

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Sige, so we have a new district now.  We had transfers last week.  I love our new district!  We had district meeting on Friday, and holy cow, our District leader gave the best lesson ever!  I felt the spirit so strong, and I received many promptings.  I need to learn how to teach people the importance, how, and then recognizing answers to prayers.  And that, in tagalog.  I need to be a better teacher, or instrument in teaching, about prayer.  Prayer is sooooo important for us!  I have so many experiences with prayer, daily!  I know that it is only through prayer that we can receive answers to our prayers.  God wants and need’s us to pray to Him.  Please continue to pray to God, for He will help you!

Well, I love all of you!  I love the Gospel, or Ebanghelyo ni Jesu Cristo, with all of my heart!  I want to serve God with all of my heart, and I know that I can if I put Him first in my life.  Use the Atonement, love it, and always share it with others, because through the Atonement, we can all be made whole!
I hope you all have a great New Year!!!
Love, Sister Johannah Coleman

p.s. Here's the pictures of our adobo (Blue Shirt:) and the lumpia (purple shirt!)