Monday, January 6, 2014

Week Labing- Tatlo (13)

Hello po!!

Well this week has been a good one!  We started it out with New Years!!  It was so noisy and crazy here!!  It was fun though.  In America, we definitely do not celebrate new years that much.  It was different, but fun!  We had tons of food that people just kept on feeding us.  We were walking into our house, and our neighbor/investigator was like, "Kumain Muna!!" That means, Eat First!  Well, that day we had a few breakfasts, and luches and then dinners.  Funny, masarap, and..I regreted it the next day. ;) 

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 I love the food here!  Oh, we made Lumpia with some other sisters who had to stay at our apartment.  It was soooooo masarap!  All that's inside is: Carrots, potaoes, an egg, pepper, salt, other spices, onion, garlic, and some ground or pulled meat.  We used Chicken, but people usually use pork. Masarap!!  Oh, then  you put it in the lumpia wrappers, and wrap it like a burrito, then fry it, like you fry, fry bread.  So delicious!  Sister Siola'a and I also made our version, as in we don't know if we made it right, of Adobo.  It was so good anyways!  We used brown rice with it, so it was a little healthier! :)  

Other than cooking new food, and eating more than an elephant does, we’ve had a good week finding and teaching.  Our investigators are progressing, and coming closer to Christ. Lumapit kay JesuCrsito! (Come unto Christ) That is what we want our investigators and L.A’s we’re working with.  Oh my goodness, the kids here are so cute!  They all say, “Americano Americano!!!” Every time we walk past.  Also, they’re like, “What’s your name, why are you here…”  I always say, “Ako po si Sister Coleman, I am here to ‘Invite others to come unto Christ…” Okay, so I just say the last part to sister Siola’a. J  But really, that’s why I’m here in the Philippines!  I’m telling you, I love it here too!!  I love working and helping others!  The miracle of the gospel is amazing!  The gospel changes us!

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Sige, so we have a new district now.  We had transfers last week.  I love our new district!  We had district meeting on Friday, and holy cow, our District leader gave the best lesson ever!  I felt the spirit so strong, and I received many promptings.  I need to learn how to teach people the importance, how, and then recognizing answers to prayers.  And that, in tagalog.  I need to be a better teacher, or instrument in teaching, about prayer.  Prayer is sooooo important for us!  I have so many experiences with prayer, daily!  I know that it is only through prayer that we can receive answers to our prayers.  God wants and need’s us to pray to Him.  Please continue to pray to God, for He will help you!

Well, I love all of you!  I love the Gospel, or Ebanghelyo ni Jesu Cristo, with all of my heart!  I want to serve God with all of my heart, and I know that I can if I put Him first in my life.  Use the Atonement, love it, and always share it with others, because through the Atonement, we can all be made whole!
I hope you all have a great New Year!!!
Love, Sister Johannah Coleman

p.s. Here's the pictures of our adobo (Blue Shirt:) and the lumpia (purple shirt!)

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