Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Week Labing-Dalawa (12)

Hello family and Friends!!  Kumusta po kayo?

Well, this week was a great one!!  Wow, I can't think of anything we did.  We had Christmas and that was a lot of fun.  It was a little sad not being with you all, and doing our Christmas Traditions and stuff.  But, with the ward here, we had a Christmas Eve dinner with the Brizuela's and then on Christmas, we had dinner with the son of the Brizuela's.  It was a lot of fun!  We played uno...and I won, one game.  Man, it's been a while since I played that..and I'm telling you, I got a little, well like myself when I play games. (You all know how that is...right??  Okay, I wasn't too crazy! maybe...)  It was a lot of fun being with a family for Christmas.  I love the branch that I'm in!  

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So, our Christmas tree...well I made it on Christmas Eve while Sister Siola'a was in the shower or something.  I surprised her with the "Loveliest" tree ever!  Hopefully I can get a picture of it on the e-mail for you!  It was a fun and memorable 1st Christmas away from home!  The call with the family was so great on the day after Christmas, for me.  I enjoyed talking with you, hearing your voices and seeing your smiles. :) It made me really happy!  I hope all of your Christmas's were filled with love and peace.  We definitely had that here!  

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Let's see, as of last night we kind of have 4 people with baptisimal dates!  They are both sets of couples.  Let me tell you, thats such a blessing!  2 of the dates are that family, who had the date for the 28th of December, but now hopefully for the 25th of January.  The other couple is a wonderful couple.  They have the cutest kids.  I had a special experience last night as we were teaching them.  Okay, so the husband is sick right now, and who knows how long.  His Kidney is where he's sick, so it's really sad.  Last night was the first time we taught the sister, with Him.  I think their hearts are softening.  Well, we felt impressed to teach them about how the Gospel Blesses Families.  It was what they needed to hear.  When we invited them to baptism, they both, even the guy, shook his head.  I really hope that the spirit was able to touch their hearts.  While we were teaching I had the vision on them, as a family, all in white, in the temple, being sealed for all eternity.  It was sacred to me.  I know that the temple is real!  I know that families can be together forever, only in and through living the gospel, and being sealed in a temple of God.

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Well, our branch had a Christmas party that was so fun!  The sisters sang an arrangement of "Once there was a snowman," but we changed it to "Once there was a sister."  It was so fun, I'll try and send the lyrics next week...I forgot them.  We also sang "Called to Serve."  Wow, I totally felt the spirit!  I love missionary work!  So we had 2 or 3 in-active families come.  We also had 2 of our investigators come, with their families.  I think they were touched by the branch and the spirit that was there.  
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Well, I better go now.  I love all of you!  I know the Simbahan Ni JesuCristo is true!!  I love the Lord's work, and I love being a full-time missionary!  It's the best thing I can be doing in my life right now!  I hope you all can feel of the Saviors love, everyday.  Trust in God!  Put him FIRST!!!  I love you!
Love, Sister Coleman
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  1. What fun and sacred memories your blogs bring. You read ours. It is only right that we are reading and enjoying yours. God bless you! It was wonderful to be together again at Standages. Love you, Sister Coleman. Sister Dover