Monday, April 14, 2014

Week 27

Hello Family,

I have had a wonderful week!  I am sorry that this e-mail is horrible.
 The internet has been soooo slow!  Anyways, this week has been great!
 I got sick on Wednesday, so that wasn't a very productive day!  IT
just makes me love studying, then going out to work in the Vineyards
even more!  I am still a little sick, but feeling better. :)

So we have this family who is soooo prepared!  Please keep them in
your prayers, so that they will be baptized and start their path to
becoming an eternal family.  The sister has a Baptism date, and she
has been great at keeping her commitments!  I love seeing the
Atonement work in people's lives!  It's a really special and wonderful
thing to see!

Conference was absolutely amazing!  I really learned that the family
needs to be strengthened first- we can do that by having daily
scriptures and prayers, and then FHE weekly.  Also, we need to do
family history as a family!  I am definitely going to do that with my
family!  We need the strength and protection form on high!  I loved he
talks in general conference!  I have a lot to apply to my life...or my
"4 minutes!"

I love you all soooo much!  Thank you for everything you have done and
showed me! I hope you all have a great day!

Love, Sister Coleman

Week 26

Hello Everyone!  This week has been great!  I have had a great time, and I have grown a lot!  I love being a missionary, and even though it is so hard, it is soooo worth every second of being here!  I love the Lord's work, and being one of his servants.  It is the greatest blessing in my life!  OKay, so I have been really bad at sending pics and good e-mails, so I will try and send you some pics ngayon para sa inyong lahat!  
Well, I love you all!  Thank you for all your love and support!  I love the work, and I have never been a happier person!  IF you have the opportunity to to it!  I love being a servant---fulltime servant of the Lord!

Love, Sister Coleman

-Here's some last days in Tabaco!  Good bye first area ko!  Namimiss kita!!

-Here's some last days in Tabaco!  Good bye first area ko!  Namimiss kita!!

-Transfers, and Hello Ligao and SIster Mataele!  She's sooo pretty!

Going to Church in the Jeepney. My area is soooo maganda and I see Mt Mayon Everyday!!! 

Yes, I drive the Tricies here! ;)  It's so fun and just great sa area ko! The SIsters in my apartment at pancakes and stufff with us.  SO masarap!

Well, we're on a diet now!  We're gonna do this!!

I can survive in Ligao, because they just put a Buko Frio here!!  It was the best...and worst day ever when I saw the wonderful Buko Fro shop! Yay!  OKay, so this girl with me on the Hamuck (?) is SIster Gergence.  SHe is such a wonderful branch missionary! I love her to death already!  She's a great missionary!  Oh we had zone training this week. I learned a bunch!
These kids are so cute!  They gave us Buko!  Masarap!  OKay, so I get to see gorgeuos sunsets and views everyday!  I love it!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Week 25

Okay, so sorry about last week.  The internet stopped working right as I sent the e-mail, and so I had no idea if it sent or not.  Well, week 24 was good.  We worked really hard and then....I had to say good bye to everyone because of transfers.  Oh man, so I am loving my new area and my new companion, Sister Mataele!  She is a Tongan, but from Hawaii.  Heavenly Father is just saying to me, that I have a bunch to learn from the beloved Polynesian people.  Wow, 3 comps that are Polynesians!  I love it! :)  Well, Sister Mataele and I get a long really well.  We have had a lot of fun teaching together and getting to know each other.  Heavenly Father has really helped me with this transition, out of my first area. I love the people in my area and my new comp!

This week Sister Mataele are going to do good and productive work outs in the morning, and eat super healthy, as in no sweets and snacks...just fruit, veggies, oatmeal...and yep healthy food!  I am excited to see and feel the results.  I feel like we're doing thing that Daniel, in the bible did.  We'll see who is more productive, happier, healthier and stuff, by the end of the week. :)  I'm so excited! 

Okay, so my area is absolutely gorgeous! I will for sure send pics next week, because we are out of time now.  I love you all!  I know that this is the Lord's work, and I am soooo happy to be one of His full-time servants. I know that even though I am not good in Tagalog, the message that we share is true!  I love the gospel, and the good news I get to share with everyone!

Love, Sister Coleman