Monday, June 30, 2014

Week 38

Hello to all, and to all a happy 4th of July!

Yep, happy 4th of July! I will be celebrating it with red, white and
blue rice; my version of potato salad, hot dogs, and some kind of
dessert.  Oh, I will make us some smores! Yep, thats my 4th of July
meal...hopefully. :)  Well, this week has been a great one!  We
started it out with like all of our appointments falling through, and
with some sadness and challenges,  but oh it's been a great week!  We
were able to find 7 new investigators and sana they will, at least 1
or 2 or hopefully all of them, will be ready and prepared to accept
the gospel of happiness!  If only they knew and understood that real
happiness comes from the gospel-living the gospel.

 Even though there are so many hardships in our lives, we can have
peace, because of the gospel.  I love the gospel of Jesus Christ, and
I do know that the gospel is the way for each of us, to return to
God's presence!  I love my Savior Jesus Christ, and that through Him
we are strengthened to fight off the temptations of satan, and to
Endure Faithfully to the End.  I know that He wants to help and
strengthen us.

Well, I have learned many things from sister Kwong.  She is so humble!
 Like, I feel so bad that she has to deal with me for 6+ weeks.  haha!
 We have fun together!  She's such a hard worker, and so diligent.
When she decides to change and become better, she does.  She's great!

Yesterday, holy cow!  We were walking on this LOoOoong road on our way
to an area, and it started pouring!  Man, my poor umbrella.  So, yeah
my umbrella didn't even do too much to help with the rain yesterday.
Oh man, and we had Gergence and Jessica (Members) working with us.
They didn't have umbrella's so it was Gergence and I under one, and
Sister Kwong and Jessica under hers.  Man, the joys of being on a
mission here in the Philippines in Tag-Ulan (Rainy Season). I love it
though, it was actually  fun to just not even care and get all soaked
with the rain.  It was actually a freezing cold walk back
the Philippines.  Yes you heard me, it was cold, because of our
drenched bodies and the wonderful wind that accompanied us home. :)

I am sorry I haven't sent pictures!  I know I am a slacker, but I lost
my SD card reader, so I have to buy a new one, and then...yeah I
sometimes forget/procrastinate to do so. :)  I love you all, I am
still alive and eating! (Eating---that for sure, and another reason
why I procrastinate sending pics...;)

Love you all!  Have a great week!

Love, Sister Coleman

Monday, June 23, 2014

Week 37

Hello Everyone!

Kumusta kayo??  I sure hope you are all doing fantastic!  This week has been good.  We've done a lot of tracting and finding.  Oh, I should introduce my new companion..Sister Kwong. (The "w" you double u, is silent, so sister kong) She's great, so diligent, loving and exactly obedient.  I am the loud one in the companionship though.  I feel bad for her, she has to deal with me for 6 weeks! ;) She is from Kiribati, an island in the dagat. (Can you guess what that word means??) She is the only member in her family, and has a beautiful and strong testimony!  I love her!

Well, about tracting.  One day we met a very nice man, from Singapore.  We started talking with him in Tagalog, and then he's like, "English, I don't understand in Tagalog." Oh man, so we were talking with him in English.  He is a Born again pastor person, and is very good.  We had a very good discussion with him, and I was trying so hard to speak/teach/OYM/testify in English, but it was so hard.  Like, Sister Kwong was like whispering these words to me, when she knew I was struggling and couldn't remember.  It was an interesting experience and situation.  Man, I should practice teaching in English. haha!  Well, as we were talking to him, I was trying to think if i had any English materials, pero no, I didn't have any. Then...I remembered a "" card that I had in my wallet from the time of Washington, so a long time ago.  I gave it to Him, and he said he will go to it.  I hope and pray that he does, and that he reads and understands what our beliefs are.  

Well, I do love all the experiences that I have as a missionary!  I love serving the Lord!  I love all the struggles, laughs, spiritual experiences and everything about being a missionary.  Oh, so we taught a lesson to this lady, sister Nelia, and we had sister Merced as the member present.  Well, we left the lesson and sister Merced stayed a while longer after us.  The next time we saw sister Merced, she told us what thy talked about.  She was talking with Nelia and said, "I could hardly understand those sisters because of their accents. Could you understand them?" Sister Nelia said, "I understood them perfectly, their accents weren't too bad."  Can I just say that is a miracle!  I am so grateful that we had the spirit in the lesson so the investigator could understand.  I hope every lesson is like that!  I am glad sister Merced said that.  It really gave me more of a push to do better and always have the spirit with us.  Tender mercy of the Lord talaga!

Well, I hope you are all doing well!  Keep doing the work of the Lord!  I love you all, I love the work, and I am so happy!

Love, Sister Coleman

Monday, June 16, 2014

Week 36


Wow, did that scare or surprise you??  Sige, well this week has been really good.  I've had a lot of fun and good experiences.  I love missionary work so much!!  I can't help it!  So, this week we were able to have a branch FHE.  It was a great turnout.  A lot of our less actives came, and we had some of our investigators come. :D  Oh it was a lot of fun!  We had games, dinner, and presentations and stuff. The Sisters did a hula dance...yes I did a hula dance.  Grabi, hindi ako marunong mag-hula! (Man, I don't know how to do do hula...) It was fun though. :) I hope that it really helped the people who came feel more welcome in the church, and have the desire to come back.  When the members are involved in the Lord's work, it moves forward!  Help with the work of the LORD!

Okay, so guess what??  It's transfers tomorrow, yeah I know, we just had transfers. So anyways, I am getting transferred...into a different area in my district.  I am kind of opening an area, because sister Alabanza is transferring, so I am filing i her place.  Well, I only know her area a little, and so I am nervous.  I know though, that God will help me and my bagong kasama na malalaman kung paano po kami na magprprogress ng area namin. (new companion know how to help our area progress.) We'll see who my new kasama is bukas!  I am excited, but nervous.  So sister Mataele is staying in our area, and so w might be in the same house or i might move to another apartment.  I don't know, because the A.P's haven't let us know yet. It's pretty great!  ;) 

Well, our investigators and Recent Converts/Less actives are doing pretty well.  I will miss them all, well, visiting them in their homes.  Good thing, I will hopefully see them at church. Well, I better go now!  I love this gospel, and I love this work!  I know that whatever challenges and trials there are in our lives, we can really overcome them through, and because of our loving Savior, Jesus Christ.  The gospel really is the way!!  I love this way!

Well, I hope you all have a great day!
Love, Sister Coleman

Monday, June 9, 2014

Week 35

Hello Po sa inyong lahat!

This week has been great!  It's been full of different companions, area's, and wonderful things learned.  So with the three of us being companions, we have two areas to cover.  So, we switch off, so it's not 1 missionary and a member everyday in an area, but so it's a little bit of both.  I have worked withe branch missionaries, and they are so astig, especially sister Gergence.  Ah I love that girl, she is so strong in the gospel.  Her whole family is inactive, but she continues to be so active, and she strives to prepare for her mission.  She is a beautiful example to me.

So we have been teaching Margie Buenavente's daughter, Shaira.  She is 11, and so gorgeous.  She always comes to church, and is very involved in the programs.  She has a baptism date for July12.  She is so excited about the gospel, and she loves living it.  She is a wonderful little girl.  I love teaching her!

So on Wednesday, we were in one of our area's and an investigator of ours was "Busy" and so we couldn't teach her.  We were close to the house of one of our formers, and so I was like, lets just go down here and tract.  So we started walking down the road to her area, and then we saw her husband riding his bike.  I couldn't stop myself...or it just slipped out of my mouth, but I was like "Is Grace at your house?" (OR in Tagalog, Nandoon pon si Grace sa bahay ninyo?)  He said she was.  Sister Mataele was like, "Maybe thats a sign we need to go to her."  I definitely agreed.  So we went to Grace, and she let us in.  We were asking how she was doing, and then she just started crying.  She has been going through so many trials.  They have no money, and her child has a really high fever, and they can't buy medicine.  Well, we shared with her 3 Nephi 13:31-33.  We promised her that if she would have faith in God, and trust that if she put Him first in her life, He would provide and bless her.  We invited her to read the Book of Mormon, continue to pray, and Come to church.  She said she probably wasn't going to be able to come to church, because they had something important right during that time.  She said she would try and come.

Well, Sunday came and I was on the stand because I was playing the piano.  Anyways, I looked down, and there she was!!  Grace came to church!  What a blessing and true act of faith.  We had a lesson with her later, and she was sooooo happy!  Like, I have never seen her so happy before.  She had a wonderful time at church, and said she learned so much in the classes.  She loved it, and she said she will continue to come. :)  She also  has been reading her BOM every day! Holy cow, thats amazing!  She really has shown her faith.  She has felt and seen the blessings in her life, because she has put God first.  I was teaching, and I felt I should extend a baptism date.  She has a baptism date for July 12 too.  I hope and pray that she will continue to progress and continue to put God first.  I think her husband's heart is softening too.  Pray for this family, the Buenavente family. (It's a different family than Margie's.)

We had zone training on Friday.  It was really good, and I learned a lot.  We have new standards of Excellence.  I like what they have said, that focusing on the Standards of Excellence will help you fulfill your purpose.  Yes, don't only focus on numbers, and teach PEOPLE, not LESSONS of numbers, but set goals, and strive to reach the Standard so that you can fulfill your purpose more.  Don't think that I only focus on numbers, noooo!  But, I strive to reach them, so I can better fulfill my purpose as a missionary. :)

Happy Fathers day!!!  Dad, you are such a wonderful, Christlike and loving man!  Thank you for being so righteous, and raising me and all of your other children in a Christ Centered home.  Dad, thank you for fulfilling your duties as a Father, as stated in "The Family: A Proclamation to the World."  You are a such an important example and person in my life.  I love you and miss you dad! (and everyone else..)  Happy Father's day to my Grandpa too, and all of my Brother's in law.  You are all great Fathers.  Keep doing what you are doing!  

Well, I have had a wonderful week!  I have learned many things!  Grabi!! :)  I know that the gospel is the plan of God, for all of us, His children.  I know that in order for us to have true happiness and peace, kailangan po natin na sundin yung plano na ito!  Sobra nagpapasalamat ako na miyembro and missionary ako ng Ang simbahan ni Jesu Christo!  I know that the gospel is happiness and is really the way!  I love you all!  Keep reading, praying, and going to church!

Love, Sister Coleman
Week 34

Hello Po,

Sige, so this week has been pretty good. We had a great FHE with the Federico family. We played this game, and whoever lost, got charcoal rubbed on their face.  OKay, so by the end of the game, guess who had the most charcoal on their face?  Yep,you guess right, Sister Coleman. Haha! When we were walking home these drunk guys were like, "Sisters,you have ash on your face..." and then people would ask what happened to us. It was really funny!  It was so funny to see the reactions of the people we walked past.  Oh I just love those moments!!!

On Tuesday, we had our zone conference. It was great, and I learned a lot!  A successful companionship starts in companionship study.  So, in order for me and my companions to have better companionship unity, we need to not only have study, but effective study.  I was really grateful for the things I learned. :) Also, we were practice teaching to the senior Elder, Elder Wilcox.  We had planned to teach to our 11 year old investigator the Plan of Salvation with cutouts.  Okay, so we ended up teaching someone who doesn't speak Tagalog...and who's way older than our investigator. It was so hard to teach in English!  Ah man, so half way through the lesson he's like, "You sisters can teach in Tagalog, I can tell you're struggling in English." haha, it was a lot better though, when we taught in Tagalog. Well, the conference was great!

Wow, we got a new addition to our companionship this past Thursday.  Yet again, Sister Alabanza is our companion again.  Her companion, Sister Pangilinan had a medical release so she had to go home. It was so sad!  But, we get Sister Alabanza again,  she's such a great missionary!  I've learned a lot form her.  Also, we had exchanges this week.  I was with Sister Simonson, who used to be in my district in Tabaco.  She is a wonderful missionary and is so awesome.  She has applied the things we learned from Elder Arden's mission conference.  I need to be better at applying the things I learn from all the meetings I attend.

So last night, a member and I were waiting for sister Mataele and Sister Alabanza to come, well this little girl and her mother were just looking at us, and then I smiled.  Well, they walked over to us, and her mom was like, "My daughter though you were a statue."  hahaha!!  It was so funny and totally made my day!  Okay, so I should move around more when we are waiting for people..or else people will think I am a statue or something.

Well, I love this work that I have been called of God to do.  I love serving God, and I strive to do it with all of my heart, might, mind and strength.  I love the gospel, and I do know that it is true, with all of my heart! I love teaching it, it really brings so much happiness into my life! I encourage you all to help the work progress!

Love, Sister Coleman
Week 33

Magandang hapon po sa inyong lahat!

This week has been really good!  I have learned a lot.  Man, I was thinking about all of my companions and their different gifts/strengths/things I have learned from them.  So Sister Siola'a, she is the most humble person I know.  I am so blessed to have had her as my trainer.  She really showed me that we can always learn and grow, no matter where or who we learn from.  She never said that She was the trainer, in fact, she would always say that I (meaning me, sis. coleman) was the trainer.  She definitely trained me, and taught me by example.  She is seriously the most patient person too.  Man, I am a hand full, but she still endured and loved me and taught me so much!  I love that Sister so much!  I have been deeply humbled by seeing her example and her humility all the time.  

I love both of my other companions, sisters Tou and Mataele.  I have learned many things from them.  Sister Tou is so obedient, and she finds so much joy in Serving.  She is such a hard worker and an amazing instrument in God's hands!  Man, it was a great time serving with her!  And sister Mataele!  She is so great!  We have had so much fun, and spiritual times and growth together.  She is so diligent.  Even though we come home late, like after the time we were supposed to start our night study or whatever, even though we're both tired, she stays focused and AWAKE the whole 30 minutes of 1 hour of study.  I have learned to be more diligent, and especially in Language study, and I have seen the effects of more diligent study. :) I just love my companions and the simple things they show and teach me, through their examples. :)  I have been so blessed to be their companion!

Well we have been trying to find new investigators this week.  We found 6, and so hopefully we can really help them continue to come unto Christ.  I am so proud of Sister Margie.  She is just on the runway and running!  She is really on fire, and loves the gospel.  She just needs to get a calling, continue being fellow shipped and continue to nourish herself in the word of God.  She said the prayer yesterday ion church in: Sacrament meeting, Sunday school and relief society....oh and last week in R.S as well.  She is so happy and it is truly because of the gospel.  She is so excited to go to the temple in 1 year!  I wish I could go with her!  She is amazing, and is a great example to her family, and to me!  

We found a less active family, with the help of our Branch President, last night.  I am so excited to be able to go to their house and help them get on the path again.  It was so sad, they didn't have a BOM. So, we gave them the copy I had. I love giving BOM's to people.  The BOM is the way for us to know the gospel, and the gospel is the Plan for us to return back to God.  I urge, or exhort all of us, to study the BOM.  Even if we already, "Know" the things in it.  We always can learn more, when we follow the invitation in the BOM. Read, Ponder and pray.  I love the BOM!!!

So last night, we kind of did a gallon challenge...okay 1000ML bottle of Water challenge.  Sister Mataele won, but then threw it up right after we turned our camera's off, and then sister Vi got second and I...yes I got 3rd.  Man, but I didn't throw up, I just probably needed more water. :)  

We have a FHE tonight with one of our LA and PM families.  I love this family, and I'm so excited to share with them the Plan of Salvation!  We also have zone conference tomorrow!  I am so excited to learn!

Well, I love you all so much!  I love the gospel with all of my heart!  I learn so much everyday!  I love being a missionary, and serving God all the time!  I am so happy!  Oh and Charles, congratulations for desiring to serve the Lord, and accepting your glorious call to Lima Peru West!  You are gonna be an amazing servant of the Lord!

Love, Sister Coleman
Week 32

Hello sa inyong lahat!

This week has been really good. :)  Sister Margie Buenavente was baptized on Saturday the 17th of May.  It was a beautiful baptism.  The spirit was there, and she truly felt the difference after she was baptized.  I asked her how she felt, and she said she was so happy, and her feelings were lighter.  She felt her burdens being lifted as she was baptized.  She has been prepared by angels on high, and she is just on fire!  I am so excited for the day when she can be sealed to her family forever, and be even happier.  She has never missed a Sunday, and she always reads the pamphlets and the scriptures.  I love this lady and I know that she will do so well, and be so much happier in her life because she applies and lives the gospel.  Continue to pray for her family, that they will want the happiness that she has!

Well, on Wednesday we got to do a service project at Tatay Pablo's house. He is such a cute old man and he's a recent convert.  He loves the gospel and has a wonderful testimony.  I love it when he prays, he talks with Heavenly Father sincerely and like he would talk to a friend.  Well, it felt great to do service for him, and I know that service is such an important part of missionary work.  So our whole district was able to come and help, so it was so fun and we felt great afterwards! :)

So I finally have the first vision memorized in Tagalog.  The spirit is so much stronger in our lessons as we testify of Joseph Smith and the restoration of the gospel.  Having it memorized really does make a difference.  I try and practice it everyday, and as I do, I have felt myself improve.  Well, I am glad that Heavenly father has helped me learn and memorize the 1st vision, and I am grateful for the different and stronger spirit in our lessons.  We met this old couple last night, Felix and Ligaya. (By the way, Ligaya means happy.  I like that name a lot! It's so cute!!)  They are adorable and had so many questions.  "Why is there 1 God and so many different churches??" I love that question because we have the answer!!  So while he was saying the closing prayer, he thanked God that the Priesthood has been restored.  Man, this couple is so ready!  Please pray for them!  Oh, the reason why I broght them up, is because in the lesson, I recited the 1st vision memorized, and I was able to look them in the eye, and say the things that Joseph Smith said, "...Nakakita ako ng dalawang katauhan...who's brightness and glory defy all descrition, nakatayo sa hangin sa itaas ko. Ang isa sa kanila ay nagsalita sa akin, tinatawag ako sa akin pangalan at nagsabi, Ito ang pinakamamahal na anak, pankinggan siya." The spirit was so strong!

Well, I love the work I do everyday!  I know that this is the "Work and the glory" of God.  I am so humbled to be one of His Full-time servants.  I love the gospel and I know that it is true!  I love you all, and I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Love, Sister Coleman
Week 31

WOW!!  Happy Mother's day sa lahat ng mga Ina!  Maraming salamat po sa inyong pagmamahal sa akin, at sa Diyos!  So this week has been wonderful!  Sister Margie had her baptism interview on Sabado (Saturday) and so she's getting baptized on the 17th!  I am so excited for her!  She is so ready and so excited to be baptized and be a member of the Church.  In Gospel principles class yesterday, she was just answering all the questions and participating. It is really amazing to be able to see how prepared she is for the gospel.

Well, we had transfers this week, but walang transfer sa amin. (There was no transfer with Sister Mataele and I.)  It was fun to go and see everyone though, especially sister Siola'a and Sister Tou.  I got a picture with all of my poly's. :)  I love my companions, and I have learned so much from them!  Oh, while I'm thinking about it, please send me some mormon Tabernacle choir, and Sunday music! I need different music to listen to. We listen to the same stuff every day!  EFY...and all that missionary music.  Oh man, I just want mo tab! Yes, this is Sister Coleman talking!  Yeah, there's really no restrictions to music, just approcpriate music, stuff that you know I would listen to on Sunday.....(and on other days. ;) I've always loved beautiful Sunday music!

Okay, back to life, I have been having a wonderful week.  I had a crazy experience as we were walking one ready?  Okay, so we were walking to an appointment, and I was walking by the irrigation ditch.  Well, being the clutz I am, all of the sudden I was falling and bouncing from one side to the other of this little ditch.  Yes folks, I fell into a ditch...I was laying back down, so my whole back side was soaked in...yeah, I don't want to think about what was in the water.  It was a funny experience for sure, but my right leg has been hurting a little bit, and I have a nice bruise on my knee.  Oh the joys of being sister Clutz, I mean coleman. ;)  I will for now on, be more careful as we walk there. 

Well, it was really nice to talk with my family this morning (for me).  You have all grown up so much!  Mom, thank you for being such a wonderful Mother to me!  I really could never have a better Mother for me!  I hope I can be in some small way, like you!  I love you mom, and you really are the best example to me!  To all of my Grandma's, Sisters and other Mothers, I love you all!  You are all very great examples to me!  

Thank you all for your prayers and love to me!  I feel your support, prayers and love!  I love serving the Lord!  If you have the opportunity to serve, TAKE it!  You will never regret serving!  I love the people I serve, and for all that I have learned here.  We have wonderful people we get to see and teach all the time.  I love them all!  Have a wonderful day! 

Love, Sister Coleman

Wow, we had slurpees at 7/11!!  Yay, it was like America!  Oh I miss just walking up the street to get a slurppee. (Man, I don't know how to spell that.)

Week 30

Hello Everyone!!

Well, this week has been geeereat!  I just love serving the Lord and being a missionary even more! Ahhhh!!!  Okay, I love it when I can feel and see the spirit working through me and my companion.  Earlier this week, we were with a Recent Convert family, and teaching them.  All of the sudden I had a distinct impression to follow up on their word of Wisdom.  I was just about to, and then sister Mataele just asked them, right before I opened my mouth.  Was that the spirit, or was that the spirit??  Well, they were actually having a little problem, so it was the spirit, and we were able to encourage and hopefully help them understand more about the WOW.  Well, I am just so grateful for those little experiences that just strengthen my faith of the spirit and this work.  Man, I am so grateful that we both were in tune with the spirit, and were able to help them. 

We were able to find 10 new investigators this week, and I'm hoping that some of them are actually prepared and ready for the truth!  I love being able to share the gospel, and the restoration of Christ's gospel to people!  God really does love us, because He has allowed the kabuuan (fullness) of His gospel on the earth again, in our lives.  I pray that we will share the beautiful restoration with all those around us, even our less active friends.  I also think it is so important and essential for us all to always renew and strengthen our knowledge and testimonies of the restoration of the gospel.  I invite you all to really think and ponder about the restoration.  Study lesson 1 in PMG.  I love the Restoration, and I am so thankful for it.  I know that the gospel that was restored through Joseph Smith is, the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I love the gospel with all of my heart!!

We had a CSP this week at one of our Less Actives house.  We moved a bunch of    banana leaves, trees, and rice field stuff into a big pile for them to burn.  It was a great experience, and bonus...she made us all halo halo's.  Thats another one of my...addictions, or weaknesses. they're so good!  I will soooo make a halo halo shop, buko frio shop and Filipino food shop when I get home!  I'll just have to live  in Hawaii, Florida, or the Florida keys. Haha!  

Well, I love this work of the Lord.  I absolutely love being a missionary, a set apart servant of the Lord.  I would encourage e
​veryone who is able, to serve a mission!  I know that God will Provide, and will lead the way, as we just follow him and his way.  I love the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I know that it is the only source of True happiness and peace in this life and the life to come.  I love you all!!

Love, Sister Coleman
P.S. There are no transfers, Sister Mataele and I are together still. :)  We're just loosing Sister Alabanza because she's actually getting a real companion now. 

We went to Legaspi last pday, for a checkup, then we got to eat at a restuarant.  It was so masarap...yes I got a salad!  We made donuts and these bread things with hot dogs in the middle.  I love making and eating food...if you can't tell by the pictures. ;)

These are some of the people we see all the time.  The one on the top left is the Bayola family, recent converts po sila; topos my district at the CSP, at sister Gemma's house, the one under my district pic.  And the left bottom corner is Tatay Poblette.  He is the funniest old man ever!  He always has these jokes and stuff. I just love my area!!

Week 29

Week 29

Hello Po!
This week has been pretty good.  We’ve been working hard and this week has gone by so fast!  Well, this transfer has gone by so fast.  Transfer announcements are on Saturday!  I’m hoping sister Mataele and I are together at least one more transfer…but we’ll see what happens.

Oh my goodness, Sister Margie Buenavente is so amazing!  She has not missed one Sunday since I’ve been here, and she always does her reading and praying.  She will hopefully get baptized on May 10th!!  She has a beautiful testimony of the gospel, and she shows it all the time.  You know, the first time when we went to teach her, she was doing laundry, and usually people would say that they’re busy and can’t have a lesson, but as soon as she saw us , she got up and stopped what she was doing and invited us in.  This lady is so prepared for the wonderful gospel of Jesus Christ.

So on Wednesday morning, we went to one of our area’s, Pinit, and we went to Fiesta! J  One of our investigator families invited us to their house to eat. JMasarap yung pagkain doon!  The people here are so nice and selfless!  They are such Christ like and Christ Centered people.  I’m learning a lot from them! Well, fiesta’s are fun.  Everyone just makes food, eats, plays, and continues to be so sharing and kind!  Everyone, when we passed by them was like, “Kain Tayo!!” (Lets eat!)  They are so nice!  Well, I definitely love the food here, and can’t get enough of it. ;)

Okay, so yesterday at church the Branch President told me I was giving a talk…in the announcements in sacrament meeting.  Well, I was just sitting at the piano like, “What am I gonna focus on?”  I decided to talk about scripture study, and the importance of it.  SO we have the 5 principles of the gospel, 1st Faith in Christ, Repentance, Baptism, receive the Holy Ghost, and Endure to the End.  How do we endure to the end??  One of the ways is my feasting and applying the words of Christ.  We do that through scripture study-the correct way.  We need to follow the pattern given in Moroni 10 and the into to the Book of Mormon.  We need to Read, Ponder and ask God if the words are true and how we can apply them to our lives.  Well, I am sooo grateful for scripture study!  I love reading the Book of Mormon!  My love for it has grown so much, as a missionary.  I love the treasures found in the scriptures, by searching, pondering and praying.  I invite all of you to really magpakabusog sa mga salita ni Cristo! (Feast) I know that through tayo applying the precepts in the BOM we can become so happy and close to God! I know the Book of Mormon is true, and is the word of God and the WAY!! 

Well, I love you all!  Thank you for your examples to me!  I love hearing from you all!!  Keep reading, praying and going to church!
Love You!!
Sister Coleman
Week 28

Hello Po!
This week has been great!  I have learned a lot, and I have been able to feel the spirit so much as well.  I just LOVE being a missionary!  I love being a set apart servant of the Lord.  Well, on Tuesday, we had interviews with President Guanzon.  They were so great! I always learn so much from him!  He is so in tune with the spirit!  We got to see a lot of him this week, because we also had district conference on Saturday and Sunday.  He and sister Guanzon spoke, and also Elder Meim of the seventy, and his wife came.  It was a wonderful Easter Weekend!  Oh, Happy Easter by the way!  I love Easter, and my love and appreciation for the Savior has grown so much-especially being out her on my mission!  I am so grateful for the Atonement!
So one of our lovely and adorable sisters in our district went home.  She was so sick, and so she  had to go home.  I will miss Sister Fonua! So her companion, Sister Alabanza is our new companion.  Yep, we are a 3 sum now, and I have my first Filipina companion! yay!  I hopefully can  better my Tagalog now! Well, we're not together very often, because we want to help her get work done in her area as well, so good thing we have wonderful branch missionaries. :)  
We had Exchanges this week!  I went to our STL's area, in Polungie. (I just spelled that one wrong...basta!) I learned so much! I love meeting new people and learning how to better my techniques and things as a missionary.  I want to do my best to help people come unto Christ, and help them improve their I should be improving myself everyday as well!  Man, I can't believe Transfers are right around the corner!  We have announcements on the 3rd! Holy Cow!
Well, I love you all, and I have to go now!  Have a wonderful week!
Love, Sister Coleman

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