Monday, June 16, 2014

Week 36


Wow, did that scare or surprise you??  Sige, well this week has been really good.  I've had a lot of fun and good experiences.  I love missionary work so much!!  I can't help it!  So, this week we were able to have a branch FHE.  It was a great turnout.  A lot of our less actives came, and we had some of our investigators come. :D  Oh it was a lot of fun!  We had games, dinner, and presentations and stuff. The Sisters did a hula dance...yes I did a hula dance.  Grabi, hindi ako marunong mag-hula! (Man, I don't know how to do do hula...) It was fun though. :) I hope that it really helped the people who came feel more welcome in the church, and have the desire to come back.  When the members are involved in the Lord's work, it moves forward!  Help with the work of the LORD!

Okay, so guess what??  It's transfers tomorrow, yeah I know, we just had transfers. So anyways, I am getting transferred...into a different area in my district.  I am kind of opening an area, because sister Alabanza is transferring, so I am filing i her place.  Well, I only know her area a little, and so I am nervous.  I know though, that God will help me and my bagong kasama na malalaman kung paano po kami na magprprogress ng area namin. (new companion know how to help our area progress.) We'll see who my new kasama is bukas!  I am excited, but nervous.  So sister Mataele is staying in our area, and so w might be in the same house or i might move to another apartment.  I don't know, because the A.P's haven't let us know yet. It's pretty great!  ;) 

Well, our investigators and Recent Converts/Less actives are doing pretty well.  I will miss them all, well, visiting them in their homes.  Good thing, I will hopefully see them at church. Well, I better go now!  I love this gospel, and I love this work!  I know that whatever challenges and trials there are in our lives, we can really overcome them through, and because of our loving Savior, Jesus Christ.  The gospel really is the way!!  I love this way!

Well, I hope you all have a great day!
Love, Sister Coleman

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