Monday, June 23, 2014

Week 37

Hello Everyone!

Kumusta kayo??  I sure hope you are all doing fantastic!  This week has been good.  We've done a lot of tracting and finding.  Oh, I should introduce my new companion..Sister Kwong. (The "w" you double u, is silent, so sister kong) She's great, so diligent, loving and exactly obedient.  I am the loud one in the companionship though.  I feel bad for her, she has to deal with me for 6 weeks! ;) She is from Kiribati, an island in the dagat. (Can you guess what that word means??) She is the only member in her family, and has a beautiful and strong testimony!  I love her!

Well, about tracting.  One day we met a very nice man, from Singapore.  We started talking with him in Tagalog, and then he's like, "English, I don't understand in Tagalog." Oh man, so we were talking with him in English.  He is a Born again pastor person, and is very good.  We had a very good discussion with him, and I was trying so hard to speak/teach/OYM/testify in English, but it was so hard.  Like, Sister Kwong was like whispering these words to me, when she knew I was struggling and couldn't remember.  It was an interesting experience and situation.  Man, I should practice teaching in English. haha!  Well, as we were talking to him, I was trying to think if i had any English materials, pero no, I didn't have any. Then...I remembered a "" card that I had in my wallet from the time of Washington, so a long time ago.  I gave it to Him, and he said he will go to it.  I hope and pray that he does, and that he reads and understands what our beliefs are.  

Well, I do love all the experiences that I have as a missionary!  I love serving the Lord!  I love all the struggles, laughs, spiritual experiences and everything about being a missionary.  Oh, so we taught a lesson to this lady, sister Nelia, and we had sister Merced as the member present.  Well, we left the lesson and sister Merced stayed a while longer after us.  The next time we saw sister Merced, she told us what thy talked about.  She was talking with Nelia and said, "I could hardly understand those sisters because of their accents. Could you understand them?" Sister Nelia said, "I understood them perfectly, their accents weren't too bad."  Can I just say that is a miracle!  I am so grateful that we had the spirit in the lesson so the investigator could understand.  I hope every lesson is like that!  I am glad sister Merced said that.  It really gave me more of a push to do better and always have the spirit with us.  Tender mercy of the Lord talaga!

Well, I hope you are all doing well!  Keep doing the work of the Lord!  I love you all, I love the work, and I am so happy!

Love, Sister Coleman

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