Monday, June 9, 2014

Week 30

Hello Everyone!!

Well, this week has been geeereat!  I just love serving the Lord and being a missionary even more! Ahhhh!!!  Okay, I love it when I can feel and see the spirit working through me and my companion.  Earlier this week, we were with a Recent Convert family, and teaching them.  All of the sudden I had a distinct impression to follow up on their word of Wisdom.  I was just about to, and then sister Mataele just asked them, right before I opened my mouth.  Was that the spirit, or was that the spirit??  Well, they were actually having a little problem, so it was the spirit, and we were able to encourage and hopefully help them understand more about the WOW.  Well, I am just so grateful for those little experiences that just strengthen my faith of the spirit and this work.  Man, I am so grateful that we both were in tune with the spirit, and were able to help them. 

We were able to find 10 new investigators this week, and I'm hoping that some of them are actually prepared and ready for the truth!  I love being able to share the gospel, and the restoration of Christ's gospel to people!  God really does love us, because He has allowed the kabuuan (fullness) of His gospel on the earth again, in our lives.  I pray that we will share the beautiful restoration with all those around us, even our less active friends.  I also think it is so important and essential for us all to always renew and strengthen our knowledge and testimonies of the restoration of the gospel.  I invite you all to really think and ponder about the restoration.  Study lesson 1 in PMG.  I love the Restoration, and I am so thankful for it.  I know that the gospel that was restored through Joseph Smith is, the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I love the gospel with all of my heart!!

We had a CSP this week at one of our Less Actives house.  We moved a bunch of    banana leaves, trees, and rice field stuff into a big pile for them to burn.  It was a great experience, and bonus...she made us all halo halo's.  Thats another one of my...addictions, or weaknesses. they're so good!  I will soooo make a halo halo shop, buko frio shop and Filipino food shop when I get home!  I'll just have to live  in Hawaii, Florida, or the Florida keys. Haha!  

Well, I love this work of the Lord.  I absolutely love being a missionary, a set apart servant of the Lord.  I would encourage e
​veryone who is able, to serve a mission!  I know that God will Provide, and will lead the way, as we just follow him and his way.  I love the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I know that it is the only source of True happiness and peace in this life and the life to come.  I love you all!!

Love, Sister Coleman
P.S. There are no transfers, Sister Mataele and I are together still. :)  We're just loosing Sister Alabanza because she's actually getting a real companion now. 

We went to Legaspi last pday, for a checkup, then we got to eat at a restuarant.  It was so masarap...yes I got a salad!  We made donuts and these bread things with hot dogs in the middle.  I love making and eating food...if you can't tell by the pictures. ;)

These are some of the people we see all the time.  The one on the top left is the Bayola family, recent converts po sila; topos my district at the CSP, at sister Gemma's house, the one under my district pic.  And the left bottom corner is Tatay Poblette.  He is the funniest old man ever!  He always has these jokes and stuff. I just love my area!!

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