Monday, June 9, 2014

Week 34

Hello Po,

Sige, so this week has been pretty good. We had a great FHE with the Federico family. We played this game, and whoever lost, got charcoal rubbed on their face.  OKay, so by the end of the game, guess who had the most charcoal on their face?  Yep,you guess right, Sister Coleman. Haha! When we were walking home these drunk guys were like, "Sisters,you have ash on your face..." and then people would ask what happened to us. It was really funny!  It was so funny to see the reactions of the people we walked past.  Oh I just love those moments!!!

On Tuesday, we had our zone conference. It was great, and I learned a lot!  A successful companionship starts in companionship study.  So, in order for me and my companions to have better companionship unity, we need to not only have study, but effective study.  I was really grateful for the things I learned. :) Also, we were practice teaching to the senior Elder, Elder Wilcox.  We had planned to teach to our 11 year old investigator the Plan of Salvation with cutouts.  Okay, so we ended up teaching someone who doesn't speak Tagalog...and who's way older than our investigator. It was so hard to teach in English!  Ah man, so half way through the lesson he's like, "You sisters can teach in Tagalog, I can tell you're struggling in English." haha, it was a lot better though, when we taught in Tagalog. Well, the conference was great!

Wow, we got a new addition to our companionship this past Thursday.  Yet again, Sister Alabanza is our companion again.  Her companion, Sister Pangilinan had a medical release so she had to go home. It was so sad!  But, we get Sister Alabanza again,  she's such a great missionary!  I've learned a lot form her.  Also, we had exchanges this week.  I was with Sister Simonson, who used to be in my district in Tabaco.  She is a wonderful missionary and is so awesome.  She has applied the things we learned from Elder Arden's mission conference.  I need to be better at applying the things I learn from all the meetings I attend.

So last night, a member and I were waiting for sister Mataele and Sister Alabanza to come, well this little girl and her mother were just looking at us, and then I smiled.  Well, they walked over to us, and her mom was like, "My daughter though you were a statue."  hahaha!!  It was so funny and totally made my day!  Okay, so I should move around more when we are waiting for people..or else people will think I am a statue or something.

Well, I love this work that I have been called of God to do.  I love serving God, and I strive to do it with all of my heart, might, mind and strength.  I love the gospel, and I do know that it is true, with all of my heart! I love teaching it, it really brings so much happiness into my life! I encourage you all to help the work progress!

Love, Sister Coleman

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