Monday, June 9, 2014

Week 33

Magandang hapon po sa inyong lahat!

This week has been really good!  I have learned a lot.  Man, I was thinking about all of my companions and their different gifts/strengths/things I have learned from them.  So Sister Siola'a, she is the most humble person I know.  I am so blessed to have had her as my trainer.  She really showed me that we can always learn and grow, no matter where or who we learn from.  She never said that She was the trainer, in fact, she would always say that I (meaning me, sis. coleman) was the trainer.  She definitely trained me, and taught me by example.  She is seriously the most patient person too.  Man, I am a hand full, but she still endured and loved me and taught me so much!  I love that Sister so much!  I have been deeply humbled by seeing her example and her humility all the time.  

I love both of my other companions, sisters Tou and Mataele.  I have learned many things from them.  Sister Tou is so obedient, and she finds so much joy in Serving.  She is such a hard worker and an amazing instrument in God's hands!  Man, it was a great time serving with her!  And sister Mataele!  She is so great!  We have had so much fun, and spiritual times and growth together.  She is so diligent.  Even though we come home late, like after the time we were supposed to start our night study or whatever, even though we're both tired, she stays focused and AWAKE the whole 30 minutes of 1 hour of study.  I have learned to be more diligent, and especially in Language study, and I have seen the effects of more diligent study. :) I just love my companions and the simple things they show and teach me, through their examples. :)  I have been so blessed to be their companion!

Well we have been trying to find new investigators this week.  We found 6, and so hopefully we can really help them continue to come unto Christ.  I am so proud of Sister Margie.  She is just on the runway and running!  She is really on fire, and loves the gospel.  She just needs to get a calling, continue being fellow shipped and continue to nourish herself in the word of God.  She said the prayer yesterday ion church in: Sacrament meeting, Sunday school and relief society....oh and last week in R.S as well.  She is so happy and it is truly because of the gospel.  She is so excited to go to the temple in 1 year!  I wish I could go with her!  She is amazing, and is a great example to her family, and to me!  

We found a less active family, with the help of our Branch President, last night.  I am so excited to be able to go to their house and help them get on the path again.  It was so sad, they didn't have a BOM. So, we gave them the copy I had. I love giving BOM's to people.  The BOM is the way for us to know the gospel, and the gospel is the Plan for us to return back to God.  I urge, or exhort all of us, to study the BOM.  Even if we already, "Know" the things in it.  We always can learn more, when we follow the invitation in the BOM. Read, Ponder and pray.  I love the BOM!!!

So last night, we kind of did a gallon challenge...okay 1000ML bottle of Water challenge.  Sister Mataele won, but then threw it up right after we turned our camera's off, and then sister Vi got second and I...yes I got 3rd.  Man, but I didn't throw up, I just probably needed more water. :)  

We have a FHE tonight with one of our LA and PM families.  I love this family, and I'm so excited to share with them the Plan of Salvation!  We also have zone conference tomorrow!  I am so excited to learn!

Well, I love you all so much!  I love the gospel with all of my heart!  I learn so much everyday!  I love being a missionary, and serving God all the time!  I am so happy!  Oh and Charles, congratulations for desiring to serve the Lord, and accepting your glorious call to Lima Peru West!  You are gonna be an amazing servant of the Lord!

Love, Sister Coleman

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