Monday, June 9, 2014

Week 29

Week 29

Hello Po!
This week has been pretty good.  We’ve been working hard and this week has gone by so fast!  Well, this transfer has gone by so fast.  Transfer announcements are on Saturday!  I’m hoping sister Mataele and I are together at least one more transfer…but we’ll see what happens.

Oh my goodness, Sister Margie Buenavente is so amazing!  She has not missed one Sunday since I’ve been here, and she always does her reading and praying.  She will hopefully get baptized on May 10th!!  She has a beautiful testimony of the gospel, and she shows it all the time.  You know, the first time when we went to teach her, she was doing laundry, and usually people would say that they’re busy and can’t have a lesson, but as soon as she saw us , she got up and stopped what she was doing and invited us in.  This lady is so prepared for the wonderful gospel of Jesus Christ.

So on Wednesday morning, we went to one of our area’s, Pinit, and we went to Fiesta! J  One of our investigator families invited us to their house to eat. JMasarap yung pagkain doon!  The people here are so nice and selfless!  They are such Christ like and Christ Centered people.  I’m learning a lot from them! Well, fiesta’s are fun.  Everyone just makes food, eats, plays, and continues to be so sharing and kind!  Everyone, when we passed by them was like, “Kain Tayo!!” (Lets eat!)  They are so nice!  Well, I definitely love the food here, and can’t get enough of it. ;)

Okay, so yesterday at church the Branch President told me I was giving a talk…in the announcements in sacrament meeting.  Well, I was just sitting at the piano like, “What am I gonna focus on?”  I decided to talk about scripture study, and the importance of it.  SO we have the 5 principles of the gospel, 1st Faith in Christ, Repentance, Baptism, receive the Holy Ghost, and Endure to the End.  How do we endure to the end??  One of the ways is my feasting and applying the words of Christ.  We do that through scripture study-the correct way.  We need to follow the pattern given in Moroni 10 and the into to the Book of Mormon.  We need to Read, Ponder and ask God if the words are true and how we can apply them to our lives.  Well, I am sooo grateful for scripture study!  I love reading the Book of Mormon!  My love for it has grown so much, as a missionary.  I love the treasures found in the scriptures, by searching, pondering and praying.  I invite all of you to really magpakabusog sa mga salita ni Cristo! (Feast) I know that through tayo applying the precepts in the BOM we can become so happy and close to God! I know the Book of Mormon is true, and is the word of God and the WAY!! 

Well, I love you all!  Thank you for your examples to me!  I love hearing from you all!!  Keep reading, praying and going to church!
Love You!!
Sister Coleman

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