Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Week 60


Hi Everyone!

Well, the news (mga balita) is that I am getting transferred, as well as my companion.  WHAT??  Yes, both of us are getting transferred.  :(  Well, I have been in this branch for 9 months already, so it's about time for sure.  I gave a talk in Church yesterday and I cried so much.  Maybe that was like the 2nd time I have really cried here...yes I am not really a crier.  Anyways, I have really grown to love the people here, and I will miss them, but I know I need to be transferred.  The Elders, in our area (yes, our area will become and Elders area) will be great!  The area, really needs Elders. :)  Well, I am excited for the new adventure that will come with the next area. 

Well this week has been great! I have been kinda sad because it is really progressing, but everything will be fine.  I love missionary work.  It is the happiest best work ever!  I know that we are all missionaries.  Where ever we are, who ever we are, in EVERY situation and time, we are all missionaries.  We have the gospel and it is our responsibility to share it.  I love it, and I am so grateful that I am a full-time missionary!  I have never had so much Joy in my life!

Well, I love you all!  Have a beautiful day!! Thanks for all you do for me.  

Love Sister Coleman

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