Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Week 66


hello po!

This week was really good.  Holy cow, it's already 2015!  I can't believe that it is a new year, and that the time has gone so fast.  So this week we celebrated New years and ate this really good rice stuff..oh man, I forgot what it's called, basta it's really good.  So, we also had exchanges.  I went with Sister Dizon.  She is a trainer and is such a great missionary.  We are finally done with exchanges for this transfer...yay, so next week we can just really focus so much in our area. I love doing the work!

So we had 2 of our investigators come to church.  One of them came last week too.  She also came with a skirt on!  She is really progressing!  I love my investigators.  Also another one came, and she has been taught by the  missionaries forever.  She finally came to church.  I asked how it was for her and she said, "Masarap!" It basically means, it was great, and felt wonderful.  She is so great as well! Also, President Guanzon came to our branch for church.  So the little key board we have hear is broken.  This key just randomely comes on and beeps.  So it's really hard to play a song.  We, the missionaries, were trying to not laugh in sacrament meeting, because it sounded so bad.  Anyways, my piano skills probably sounded horrible! haha.  After sacrament meeting, president Guanzon came up and asked if the piano was broken.  haha.  He said he'll be ordering a new one! Thank goodness.  Hopefully, I can be able to play it!

Today, we had a district activity. We went to this place called Sawangga beach resort. It was super pretty! I love the ocean, and sorry to say, the beaches here, are a lot better than Florida keys. :)  It was gorgeous and we found some cool things.  Also, on the way back, we got to ride "Top load" on the jeepney.  So we were on top of it.  It happens all the time here...because they are all so full inside. Well, it's a good district I'm in! :)

Well, I love you all!  I know this work is true and is so amazing!  I am so blessed to be a missionary.  I know that we can all partake of true happiness if we live the gospel and share it.  I love you all!

Love Sister Coleman

So with the name tag pic...come on, I'm a missionary, so meaning, I have to take one of those...:) The last picture is some of the members in my branch...the Bacon Branch! :)

LOve ya!

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