Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Week 55

Hi Everyone,

This week has been great! So first of all, we got to see Cherilyn and Lusia, our two investigators, get baptized on Saturday.  Oh man, the baptism was so great!  They are both very prepared, and are ready to Endure faithfully to the end.  I am so happy with them, and that we made it through this journey so they could make these sacred covenants with Heavenly Father.  Luisa told me that she was so happy, and that she know's that this is the right thing for her to do.  She also said that she felt a "Burning Bosom."  Thats what I am so happy to hear!  She know's for herself that this gospel is true.  She is ready to live and love it even more.  I have a testimony that the gospel is true.  I know that if we want to be happy, or we feel there is something missing in our life, the gospel is the remedy!  I am so humbled to have witnessed their baptisms.

This weekend, the Torres family will be baptized.  My District Leader interviewed them yesterday and said they were all great and ready.  Especially Edwin, the 12 year old boy.  He know's and lives the gospel!  He is so great, and such a wonderful example to me.  I am so happy and blessed to be here for our investigators baptisms!  It's so humbling to see them make these covenants! I am just one little small intrument to help them get on this path, but they are all prepared and ready.  They just needed to be found!  Please be full time finders, and share the gospel with all those you come in contact with!

Well, Isaac, happy, the 27th!  I am sending a postcard for you.  Also, congrats Stephanie and Daniel!  I am so happy to hear that my little nephew made it into this world, with a great safe, Christ centered family.  

Okay, so something disgusting funny that happened this week.  Okay, so it might sound familiar to you... anyways we're walking, and all of these little kids are grabbing onto us... (I never thought we'd be so popular! There were a bunch of kids grabbing onto our we were pretty much dragging them.) anyways, it's at night time, so we can't see exactly what we're walking...into.  All of the sudden, I didn't feel the ground under my left foot, and then realized I had stepped into a little sewer ditch thing.  Yes, that is the second time something like this has happened. The other time I was laying down in a ditch..and my backside was wet. Gross!!  Okay, I won't be wearing those shoes again.  Well, I will send pics next week.  

Love Johannah

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