Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Week 70


Hi Everyone!

This week was really good.  We had 2 exchanges.  I was in our area, and my companions were great!  They were both super hard working!  I just want to be so much more hardworking  after the exchanges!  Well, our investigators are doing okay.. but they didn't come to church. THis was the first week that none of them came! ah man, we will just be better about helping them understand the importance of church attendance. 

Well, I have to say I just love being a missionary!  It's the greatest work!  PLease do your missionary work!  PLease visit and home teach and work with the missionaries.  God will bless you if you do!

Well, I ate some delicious muscles...yes, they were good! :)  MAn, I love sea food. :) I love the food here!  Well, I will send you pics! Sorry I didn't write a lot!  Pictures say a thousand words right?

Love ya! Sister Coleman

 Selfi Selfi pag may time..

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