Monday, November 25, 2013

Week Pito (7)

Kumusta po kayo??
Well here i am, in the Philippines!  It has been wonderful so far, actually being out in the field!  I love the people here, and I actually like the weather!  I have something to report. In  the 5 or so days I have been here, I have gotten 1 mosquito or aunt bite!  I must have really gross blood to the things here!  Thank goodness! :)  I'm hoping that in the next 16 months, it stays that way!  So I guess I should tell you whats been up..;) Well, the flights were soooo long ans boring!  I'll tell you that getting to Manila alive and with hair, was a miracle, and an answer to many prayers! :)  It was from SLC to LA, 2 hours...then LA to Japan was 16 ish hours which was torture!  I got a window seat...I'll just let you know, the ocean and I became great friends! ;) So we got to Japan and then from there we flew about 4 hours to Manila.  It was definitely one of the longest trips I've ever taken!  It brings back memories of all the great LONG trips we took as the family.  The good thing about this one though, is that I did not run into a deer, like I did on the last trip we took! ;)  Anyways, we spent the night in Manila, then early the next morning flew to Legazpi.  It was a really pretty flight, and I am so happy that I'm in a more rural mission.  I would die in's HUGE!!!!

Well the first day was great!  I love my mission president and his wife.  They are sooo adorable and so righteous!  I am excited to get to know them, and work with them in this great work!  My companion is soooo amazing!  I love her to death!  Her name is Sister Siola'a, and she's from Tonga.  It has been really fun working with her, and getting to know her.  She is great in Tagalog, and she is such a wonderful example to me.  I have learned so much from her already!  Just a funny story, I cooked pancakes for breakfast this morning...and I didn't even burn them, but the fire alarm went off.. Haha! Well, later on when I was in the shower, she was making lunch and all the sudden I heard the fire alarm go off again.  Yep, that's a sign that we are both "Great cooks!"  Our land lords, who are next door to us, are probably going to request that we leave the premises! ;) Joke Lang.
Alright, so I have found out that I am horrible at Tagalog!  Yep, it's true!  Well, with lots of study, prayer and practice, I hope I can receive the Gift of Tongues.  I know it is real, and I have seen it in my life!  
Well the people here are so humble.  They are so happy even though they have nothing.  I am so blessed to be here, and learn to humble myself!  I've got a lot of humbling to do, for sure!  What we call "Poverty" in America cannot compare to here.  I have been so touched going to peoples "homes" and them still, being so happy with what they have.  They don't complain and blame others!  I have so much to learn!  I just want to help the people here to find more happiness.  I want them to have the gospel in there lives.  The gospel brings soooo much happiness! 
Oh my goodness, the mga bata (kids) are soooo cute!  They are all so sweet and they all help me so much with Tagalog.  They are tiny!  Well, everyone here is, but the kids are soooo small.  The kids look 2-3 years younger than they actually are.  But they are so sweet and precious!  Pero, no one can compare to my siblings and my nieces and nephews!  I miss you all so much!
 Our transportation most of the time is called a Bajak. It's a bike, with a little carriage thing on the side that my companion and I squish into.  It's 10 piso's per person.  It's fun!
Well, I've learned a lot since being here!  I have felt the spirit so much!  I KNOW that the gospel is true!  I know it with all of my heart!  I know that God allows us to go through challenges so that we can become stronger and more humble.  Humility us the key to all of our happiness and success in life!  I've been trying to focus on Humility during my personal study lately.  I've learned a lot!  And I thought  I'd never say it but I LOVE LOVE LOVE my personal study time, and 1 hour is not enough!  As I have really taken the time to learn and study, I have been able to have the spirit with me, and I have learned so much more!  It's been great!
Well, I better go now.  I do love all of you deeply!  I love the gospel of Jesus Christ so much!  I hope that we can all better, live it, love it, learn more, and become completely immersed in it!  I love being a missionary!  This is exactly what and where I need to be in my life now! 
Love you all!
Sister Coleman
I'll send more pics next week!

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