Sunday, September 21, 2014

Week 45

This week has been great!  We have been working hard and helping our investigators progress.  We have 5-6 people who will probably be getting baptized in September!  We have been were able to find and teach them, and they are all progressing!  I am learning so much from them!  All of our investigators with a Baptism date, except for one, came to church kahapon.  They are so awesome, and prepared.  

Through out this week, I have been trying to catch the vision!  I think it is really doing all I can, and working as if Jesus was my companion.  What would He do?  How would He work and serve?? How would He act?  How was He during His mission??  I am really striving to always be worthy of the Spirit and working as if Jesus is really my companion.  I hope that we will all take that into consideration!  I hope that we will all really become the companion that Jesus would be.  

Okay, so the Torres family came to Church for the 3rd time yesterday!  They are soooo astig!  They are really set for being baptized.  Rena cinco also came to church for the 3rd time.  I really hope that her husband will be okay with getting married in the church, so she can get baptized.  She is so ready to be baptized and really understands and lives the gospel.  She is so much better than I am!

Well, I have had a great week!  I love serving the Lord full Time!  I think to myself sometimes, "Am I really serving a 'Full-time' mission, or am I only serving part time?"  I am really striving to give ALL of my time, heart, might, mind and strength to God!  I love this work!  It is  true, and I refuse to ever stop!

I love you all!
Love. Sister Coleman

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