Monday, March 10, 2014

Weej Dakawampu-isa (21)

Hello po Everyone!

This week has been really good.  I love this new area that we have found!  The people are so prepared!  Okay, so the Delfin family, from last weeks Sister told us that after we left from our first or 2nd lesson, Brother read the BOM until he went to sleep.  He also played with the kids at night (and he doesn't ever really do that.), and he is already in Jacob.  Holy cow, this family is amazing...and it's a whole family!  Man, I just love the people here.  They are really the most selfless people.  They know that we are "Rich" and have plenty of food and stuff, but they still give us all they can.  I love these Christ-like and wonderful people.  I have come here to the best place, to help me become humble.  These people really know what it means to serve, from their hearts!  I learn so much everyday.

We had a family home evening with the Calleja family.  Oh it was wonderful!  I have a strong testimony of FHE.  Every family needs to make that an essential weekly activity.  I know that through FHE families become closer together, and closer to Christ.  Always have FHE, even though it is hard sometimes. 

Oh so we had a mission Tour this week with Elder Ardern, who's in the Philippines area presidency.  Oh man, I learned so much.  I have a lot to improve on, and I am excited for it!  Sister Tou and I have been trying to apply what we learned to our teaching and studying, and it has helped.  It was also fun, because I got a package from Deseret Book/mom and dad.  Thank you for the gifts!! :)  I will definitely play the game with the kids here!  They will love it!  I also gt to see Sister Siola'a.  It was so fun talking and "catching up" with her.  She's a great missionary, and taught me so much!  I miss her, but I love my new companion too!

Well, I just want to let you all know that I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints is true, and it was restored through the prophet Joseph Smith.  I know that the same Church that Christ established a long time ago, is on the earth once more.  It is true and we have the fulness of the gospel!  I love the gospel with all of my heart!  I love serving the Lord in this capacity!  I am so happy being a missionary for the Lord!  Please share the happy message of the restored gospel!

Love, Sister Coleman

Inline image 1
On our way to the mission Tour with Elder and Sister Arden.  The kids in my new favorite area: Relocation.  And me, in from of the rice drying on the road.  The rice looks like wheat, then the yellow stuff falls off as it dries, and then it's masarap Rice! :)

Inline image 2
People leaving from Church.  Forget about a car, the whole family can fit on a motorcycle...or a pajuck.  There are at least 7 people on the padjuck.  And then, the picture with bus in, is the Berces family.  They're an L.A family.  We love them!

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