Monday, March 10, 2014

Week Dalawampu-Dalawa (22)

Hello Po!

Okay, so I might just start using Spanish numbers, because they use them more than Tagalog numbers.  haha!  Well, this week has been interesting! We've had some great lessons, and visits!  There's this girl who is on a search for the truth, and I hope that she realizes and prays to know that the gospel of Jesus Christ is true, and what she needs!  There is also this couple in our really far away area, who are great!  We invited them to baptism on the 5th of April, but that will all depend on them coming to church.  I really hope they will act on their faith, and I hope that God will bless them with pamasahe! (Thats the money for travel.)  The people in this area are great, and are so prepared, but just don't have pamasahe! :(  I hope we can figure out a way to help them! 

Oh man, so at one of our lessons, we were sitting down on their bench thats hooked onto some trees.  Anyways, it had been raining earlier, and so things were damp.  Well, sister Tou and the lady were sitting down, and then I sat down and the lady fell down...with the bench.  Oh man, I like broke their bench.  I feel so bad!! (But I couldn't help laughing...of course where she couldn't see.)  It was so bad, and funny at the same time!  I hope that she forgives me for being fat.  Well, she still seems to be progressing, so thats good! :)

Oh, happy Birthday to Heather, Mom, Leo and Caleb!  (And Josh...but I'll send some kind of picture next week for him.:)  I celebrated it here for you.  There was a nice lady who gave us the balloons when we went and baught the candles.  She said to say Happy Birthday for her! :)  The cake was good...but I'm sure all of yours was geereat! :)  Anyways, happy birthday, and I hope that you all got your bday cards!  I love you all so much!

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Family, I hope you know that the Bingo game you sent me, is in good use! :)  We played in with the Boridors, and whoever lost...or didn't get a bingo, got lipstick put on their face.  Well, yes, I apparently didn't do too well. ;)  But, the lesson was good, and related to the game....and they understood and participated!  Yay for Book of Mormon Bingo! Thank you!!!!  

So this family, the Bonaobra's, I love them  sooooo much!  Anyways, they let us help them make donuts and these other masarap things!  It was so much fun with them, and I will miss them when I leave this area.  Anyways, I learned some donut making tricks, and stuff. We're soooo making donuts one of these days, with different creative things!  I love how creative the people are here!  Seriously, they use their brains!  Well, the donuts were great, and the lesson with them was too!  

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OKay, about the gross picture of my neck...yes, I got eaten by something during a night.  We weren't sure what it was, so the mission presidents wife told us to travel to Leagspi to the dermatologist.  She told us it was just bug bites.  We celebrated by going to McDonalds! :)  I have never been so excited for McDonalds in my life!  After a few days of some special soap and lotion, my neck is feeling a lot better, and doesn't itch like crazy!  

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I love the work of the Lord.  It makes me sooooo happy!  I have never been happier in my life, and I can't believe that I have already been out on my mission for 5 months on the 9th.  Time flies so fast!  I love the gospel, and how much it has blessed and continues to bless my life.  I love helping others have that happiness in their lives, through the gospel.  Please pray for missionary opportunities, and grab them when they're there.  Missionary work has no substitute.  Be the best example you can be, by living the gospel the best you can.  The gospel is true, and has been restored.  I know that the Priesthood and Authority of God is real!!  I am sooooo excited for conference!  Please prepare yourselves and live the gospel.  I love you all so much!  

Love, Sister Coleman

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