Thursday, March 27, 2014

Dalawampu-Tatlo (Week 23)

Hello Everyone!

I sure hope the Tagalog is right.  Hindo ko po marunong thats why I'm not too good at the numbers. ;)  (I don't really know, or am good at Tagalog.)  Anyways, how is everyone??  I really hope you are all doing quite fantastic and wonderful...because I am!  I have to say, I just LOVE my mission!  I love learning, teaching, trying to speak in Tagalog, eating new delicious food, feeling the spirit-individually, as a companionship, and especially in lessons; and I love everything else about my mission!  I really do know that I have been called by God, to come and be His missionary in the Philippines.  I love letting people know that the Gospel, the PURE and TRUE gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored!  I love teaching the gospel, and the simple doctrines.  Oh it is so wonderful, or gahanga-hanga, being a missionary!!

So this week has been very good!  I have learned a lot!  Oh, we are teaching this lady, Fely, in Relocation, and she is so awesome!  We taught her the Plan of Salvation, or Ang Plano ng Kaligtasan, and she was so prepared.  She has been reading and praying, and is so interested.  While we were teaching her, I felt like we should invite her to baptism, but I wasn't sure what sister Tou was feeling, and she was the one talking and stuff, right then.  Anyways, I prayed that she would be able to be on the same page as me, and invite sister Fely to binyag.  Well, she did!  And!!!  Sister, Fely, before we were even done with the invitation was like, "Opo!!!" and then asked how she can be baptized and stuff.  She understands what we have taught her... or what the spirit has taught her.  Oh, but I do love it, when Sister Tou and I are both feeling the exact same thing, and it does happen quite often.  It is also so wonderful, and such a faith builder, when I can feel the spirit working through me...or the other way around.  I just love being a missionary, and I wouldn't trade this special time for anything!

Well, we had zone Training this week.  We learned about becoming Master Gospel Teachers, like Christ is.  It was a great training!  The things I need to work on...whew many!  I need to study the simple doctrines of the gospel, a lot more.  I need to always do the "5 P's" as Elder Arden of the Area Presidency would say.  "Proper, Prier, Preparation Proceeds Power."  So, as a companionship, we really need to work on Proper, Prier, and Preparation!  The lessons to people are so much more spirit filled and effective when we prepare, and both really know whats going on.  I love teaching the gospel, so why don't I just do Proper, Prier, Preparation, that makes the lessons so much more wonderful! Well, I will be making better lesson plans and finding scriptures and answers for my investigators and Less Actives.  I am excited to change, and improve.

We had exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders on Saturday.  I was companions with Sister Pareja in her area.  I learned a lot!  I really need to work on How To Begin Teaching. Okay, we're not horrible at it, but we can work on doing it better.  I want to be better at letting people know MY purpose as a missionary, and how the gospel can really help and better their lives and their family's lives.  I actually LOVE the first visit and lesson with people.  I like using HTBT, and then telling them about God, and His Plan for them and their family, and then telling them how the gospel has blessed my family!  Mom and Dad, thank you, thank you thank you, for letting me grow up in a Gospel and Christ centered home!  The gospel really does bless families, every single one!  Well, I am excited to become a better teacher and missionary!

Oh, while we were walking, on the day of exchanges...guess what??  I stepped in dog pooh.  Gross!  Actually, I am so pleased to announce that I have stepped in Dog pooh here, than I have any time or any where else in my life!  There is dog pooh everywhere! Oh, it was funny, but gross at the same time.  Oh the blessings of going on exchanges! ;)

Well, I love you all!  I love the beautiful gospel of Jesus Christ, and I know that through living the gospel, we can all have a complete fullness of Joy!  I know that the Atonement of Jesus Christ is central to God's plano para sa atin, and I know that we need to use it and rely on it to reach our full potential, and happiness!  There are no words to describe the joy I have from being a missionary, and an instrument in the hands of God!  I love God's plan of each and every one of His beloved Children, ALL OF US!!  I know that we are all children of God, and that He know's us individually!  I love the Ebanghelo ni JesuCristo, at alam ko po na ito ay totoo!  Maraming salamat po sa inyo para sa lahat ang tulong at support!  Mahal ko po kayo lahat!

Love, Sister Coleman

Inline image 1
This is Sister Tou and I...need I say more?  We got new P.J's in Legazpi! :) And my favorite's of my new pillow and I...oh and Sister Tou.  I haven't been sleeping with my old pillow since I went to the doctors, because of my bites.  Well, I got a new pillow, so now I can have pillow-bug-less sleepful nights. :) YAY!!

Inline image 2
Sister McCoard and I at zone training.  All the kids, and people here love looking at the pictures we take.  They all get so excited about seeing a picture, it is so cute and precious!  Well, Yes even all the sisters in the Tabaco Branch fit on a tricy! :)

Inline image 3
Did I tell you that I can drive Tricies?? ;) This is exchanges and a baptism. :)  
Inline image 4
Yes, we made donuts!  They we so masarap, and so soft and perfect!  We are so making a bakery and donut shop pagkatopos ang mission namin! It was fun making donuts, and they were really can just see our excitement right?? :)

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