Thursday, March 27, 2014

Week Dalawampu-Apat (24)

Hello Po family!

This week has been a great week!  We were able to meet the standard of
Excellence and teach 35 people!  It was so fun, and we found 9 new
investigators!  Heavenly Father has blessed us with a wonderful last
week together as a companionship!  Yep you read it, it was our last
week.   I am getting transferred tomorrow!  I am so sad to leave my
first, wonderful and most beautiful area!  I have loved serving in
Tabaco Branch!  I love the members, and my investigators that I have
gotten to know so well.  I  love that I have the opportunity to serve
a mission  and Invite othes to come unto Christ!  I love the work of
the Lord, and being one of His full-time servants has brought me the
greatest joy!

Okay, so I am really excited to transfer, meet my new kasama and meet
the people in my area!  I have been nervous about transferring, but I
have prayed that it won't be too hard!  I'm excited for this transfer!
 I'm so nervous though... Well, it'll all be fine!  I'm sad to leave
my area and sister Tou!  I have learned so much from her, from the
short 6 weeks we were together.  We got to sing in Sacrament meeting
yesterday, and everyone was like, "Perang angels!"  So apparently we
sounded like angels.  We definitely had some helping us then!!  It was
a fun experience!!

Well, I am sorry that there are no pictures today!  Next week I'll
send more stories and pics!  I love the work, and I am soooooo happy!
I really am, and I can't get enough of the work of the Lord!  I love
you all!  the church is true!

Love, Sister Coleman

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