Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Week Dalawang-Pu (20)

Hello Po!

This week has been really good!  We have found a lot of people who are so prepared!  We have had wonderful experiences and benefits because of our hard work!  I love the Lord's work, that's for sure!  ON Tuesday, we went to this area that we haven't ever gone to before, because it is really malayo (far!). We were actually looking for a Less Active member...but it ended differently.  So we were going to different houses, and asking them if they knew this family.  Well, we came to this one house, and the lady didn't know the L.A, but she said, to come in.  We did, and were like rejoicing inside!  Anyways, she said that she had just seen us earlier that day in central.  She went on to say, that when she saw us, she wondered when the sisters would come back to her house... she prayed and asked when/if they (we) would go over to her house.  Well, just a few hours later we were at her door asking if she knew someone.  She must have been shocked and so excited!  

Well, I call that a miracle!  She had been taught by the missionaries in 2006, and then she moved, and she hasn't seen the missionaries since.  Well, she is so receptive, and her older daughter, who remembers the sisters from before, was sooooo excited!  This is such a blessing!  I know that it is because we were trying to follow the spirit, and we were at the right place, at the right time, God let us be an answer to Sister Delfin's prayers.  I am so happy that we found them! 

So the same little neighborhood that sister Delfin is in, there are so many preapred people. They are hungry for the truth!  This week has been wonderful!!  We will continue to strive to always be in the right place, at the right time!  I love the tender mercies that God gives all of us!

So we also found a family, who was progressing sooooo well in 2011 ish, and then the missionaries just stopped going to their house.  (Whoever did the area book, did not write the reasons why they decided to stop visiting we decided to give them a try.)  This family is great!  I am excited to start teaching them again, and hopefully they can start going to church, reading and praying!  I absolutely LOVE missionary work!  

Well, I love you all!  I know that this gospel is true!  Please always do the simple things in the gospel!  I know that God has given us the way to return back to Him, and we need to follow it, by following the Gospel Principles.  Understand and live the SIMPLE things, before you try to become a deep doctrine person...the simple stuff is the most important!  I love the plain and precious truths of the gospel!  I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints is true!  I love the Lord's mission, that I am on!

Love, Sister Coleman

Inline image 1
Our Tricy Ride!

Inline image 2
My LARGEst buko Frio Experience. I drank the whole thing in like 20 minutes...yes, it might have been some kind of contest. :)

Inline image 3
Yes, we love the volcano and taking pics!  This family is the Delfin family.  We walked out of their house, and they were all at the door waving goodbye.  We had to get a picture of them!  They're adorable!

Inline image 4
Okay, this is sister Coleman for you!  The thing on my face is my face mask that I use know, when you need a little laughter.  Oh, so we had to get mug shots this week! No, the office just needs pic like that for something, so I just thought I would show you all the lovely pictures. :/ Man, it's hard not to smile!!  So, you know those balloon heart things that were in my package...well, I found something to hang them on! ;)

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