Monday, February 3, 2014

Week Labing-Pito (17)

Hello Po!

Holy Cow! This week has been great!  We've tried to do our best, and we've seen the blessings of it!  I have greatly enjoyed this week, and we've met so many great mga tao! (People) Even though this work is hard, it is so wonderful!  I feel God's love for His children and I know that He is preparing and helping many kaluluwa (souls) accept His Ebanghelyo. (Gospel) The gospel really does bring totoo at tunay kaligayhan sa buhay na ito! (True and real happiness in this life.)  Well, let me tell you about on of our new investigators.

His name is Darren Bermas, and is 14 years old.  He is a referral of this kid in our district/stake.  Well, let me tell you, he is so prepared and ready for the gospel in his life.  When we told him Joseph Smith was the same age as him, I think he thought it was really cool, and they are kind of going through the same thing.  Well last night, he accepted a baptismal date for March 8th.  Sister Siola'a and I are very excited about this opportunity with Darren.  He is so sincere and ready!  He is more than willing to do what we ask him to do, and so he is progressing so much!  I hope that we can be able to teach according to his needs and that we can truly help him come unto Christ.  Oh, I love this gospel!  It brings me so much joy!

Okay, so you wanna hear a story about me having language study in the middle of the night...apparently? :)  Well, the other morning SIster Siola'a heard me talking in my Tagalog.  Now, I am happy to hear that!  At least I can say something in Tagalog, even when I'm asleep! :)  Well, I said, "Topos, kailangan po natin gawin ito upang makabalik sa Diyos...topos...topos." Yes folks, that was me one wonderful language study night. :) I guess I should tell you what it all means. "And then, we need to do this in order to be able to return to God, and then...and then."  Yes, I apparently like the word "Topos." haha!  

Okay, what else... or who else? :)  So the Calleja family is doing well.  They say that they are close!  I hope they mean that! :)  I love all of my investigators so much!  I learn so much from them, and I love teaching them that through living the gospel, we can receive happiness and blessings in our lives!  Man, I've got so much to learn though.  Sometimes I wonder if I know what I need to, if I know the doctrine, and definitely, if I can ever really learn Tagalog, but as I study everyday for the people we teach, I feel myself growing.  The gifts of God are real, and I know for sure that the Gift of Tongues is real!  I am amazed at how missionaries can speak Tagalog, or other languages.  Kahit na (even though) I don't know very much, I still give all of the credit of what I do know, to God.  Like, I lived in El Paso for a while, and I hardly picked up Spanish...I know like maybe 10 words.  Okay, so i heard Spanish everyday all the time in El Paso, probably just as much or a little less than I hear Tagalog hear, and here, being a missionary, I am able-ish to teach and to talk with people. I know the power and help of God is real! I know that prayer is real, and I could not be able to go an hour without praying!  (Seriously! ;) 

I know God wants to help and hear each of us!  He know's us all individually and wants us to talk WITH him!  Please, pray to God!  I know that prayer is real!  Okay, so also, I know that Music, especially hymns have a magnificent power and influence!  We decided to start singing hymns before and after some of our lessons.  The one's that we sang in, were so powerful.  There's this one in active family, who loves music.  Well, I thought that it would be good if we sang a song to/with them.  I asked what Tatay's paborito (try and guess that word!) hymn was.  We sang "Onward Christian Soldiers."  The whole family sang with us, it was a miracle! I love the hymns, and I also am so grateful for the talents God has given me, and all of His Children! (I am not saying my singing is any good, but I'm grateful I can read the notes and stay in tune.;)

Well, I have had a wonderful week!  Many small and amazing miracles have happened and been seen.  I love this gospel, and I love my Heavenly Father!  I love you all so much!

Love, Johannah

P.S Sorry no pics today. :( The computer is not reading my card...:(

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