Sunday, October 27, 2013

Week Tatlo (3)

Kumusta Po Kayo?! (Hello, how are you.)
These are the 2 best districts ever!  We all came in the same day!
This past week has been great!!  I've been able to learn a lot and feel the spirit a lot as well!  I love this work, and I know it's what I need to be doing right now!  Oh, before I forget, there's a picture of Aunt Amy and some people from her mission, on a wall in the main building.  I'll make sure and send a picture next week!  It was super cool to see!  

Self portrait of me...yes, I'm a little crazy!
I've seen a few people that I know... like 3 from Cedar City, and Brooke Mortensen from Washington.  We've talked a few times.  It's been fun to see people!  Well, this week has just been full of the same old same old stuff.  Class, food, studying, more's been fun!  I can't believe how fast time flies...after the first week!  It was JUST p-day!  So tell grandma that I'll have all the names done today, so if she could send me some would be fantastic!  

I got a calling/assignment in my branch.  My companion and I are the music coordinators.  I'm excited for this!  Well, I hope you all are doing wonderful, but I need to go do my laundry!  Have a wonderful day!!  This gospel is true and will make anyone, who lives it, very happy!!  

Sister Johannah Coleman

 We dress like we go to funerals sometimes...especially when it's freezing! 

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