Saturday, October 19, 2013

Week Dalawa (2)

Well thank you all for e-mailing me back, it was really super duper nice to hear from you all!  Just to get things straight, I have pday on Saturdays, and I have 1 hour to e-mail.  Don't get me wrong though...I'd love to get hard mail! :)  Hey, send me your addresses so I can write you.  I kind of was a slacker and totally forgot to get all of them.  

Okay, so this week has been super awesome!  It's gone by super fast, and I'm kind of hoping that's how it is the rest of my time here..not that the food is gross or anything. ;)  I love the MTC. The spirit is felt so much here, and I have grown so much, and intend on growing even more.  (I hope you guys didn't take that in the way that I've eaten a bunch and I've grown that way.;)  

So I'll start with Sunday:  Church was great!  I played" How Firm a Foundation" and everyone sang it in Tagalog.  Well, it was super funny because no one is exactly a pro at speaking...and then singing tagalog.  Well, one of the councilors in the branch presidency, Brother Donahoo, said that it was too fast...and he just gave me a hard time about playing too fast.  It was soooo funny!  He said later that if he gives someone a "hard time" it just means that he likes them.  I guess he likes me..cuz he always gives me a hard time.  It's funny!  I like my branch presidency!  Well for the devotional that night, Elder Dallin H. Oaks, came and spoke to us!  It was soooo fantastic!  One thing that I learned is that we go on mission's to learn to love people. was great!

Well, the rest of my week was pretty much the same:  Class, more class, cafeteria food, studying, crazy sisters and elders, more class, and now Pday!!!! :D  I love all of the experiences and opportunities that I have here!  I leave in 1 month minus 1 day!  I'm so excited to teach and be taught by the humble people of the Philippines!  I love this gospel so much!  I love you all very much, and you are all in my prayers!

Have a great week!  Ingat!
Sister Coleman

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