Monday, October 6, 2014

Week 51

Hello Po!!

Kumusta kayo??  We are doing great here in Ligao!!  Sister Wilkinson is great, and we are getting a long really well.  I love her so much, and I can see so much great potential in her!  She's a wonderful missionary! 
Well, this week has been pretty good.  We have been tracting A LOT and trying to talk with people. Man, we're got to figure out a better way!!  The Torres family, and Luisa ortiz are referrals and are progressing so well!  Why can't people just give referrals who are prepared!!  Anyways, we have been trying to work hard!  I've been trying hard to help sister Wilkinson eat the good food here...and so far she is just like me and eats everything! haha!  I am so blessed to have her as my comp!  

Oh man, so we were coming from one of our areas, and the chain on the tricy broke.  So we waited for him to fix it, and then got back on the tricy, and then after a while broke again. This time it was broken off and he walked back to pick up his motorcycle chain.  Oh man, good thing we weren't too far from our destination, so we just walked a little ways.  Oh the good things that happen here in the Philippines! I love it!

I love you all, I love the work and the gospel!  The gospel is the way!  One of our investigators asked us yesterday, "Why do you always say that the gospel will bless our families, how??"  I am so grateful for the gospel, and I know that we can work all problems and trials out, through living the gospel and teachings of Jesus Christ.  I know that as we are faithful to God, and through the Priesthood ordinances in the temple, families can be together forever!  I am so blessed to have such faithful parents!  Thank you, and I love you!!

Have a wonderful day!!

Love Sister Colman

This is my new companion, Sister Wilkinson from Payson Utah.  She's a great missionary!!

Sister McCoard and I were temporary comps while we waited to meet our trainees.  Funny thing, her trainee and my trainee were comps at the MTC.  Also I said goodbye to sis Siola'a, my trainer. Sister McCoard was sister Siola'a's last comp. Small world..or mission. :)  All the trainers and departing missionaries with Pres and Sister Guanzon.

Sister Kwong and my last days together..;(  People in our branch, and the Torres family on the bottom left!  I love them all!!

President and Sister Guanzon with us.  I love my mission president and his wife!  They are so amazing!!

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